Gateron Ink varieties at KBDFans

That sucks.

They might be really good for jailhouse modding though - I wonder how they’ll take to JSpacers with the tighter tolerances of Ink switches.

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ooh I just ordered some reds and yellows and now you’re making me wish I ordered blues too

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Okay, I’ve had these yellows for a while now. I like them a lot, indeed. I’d say I actually prefer them over gateron blacks. I haven’t even lubed them. I really like the weight and force curve of the spring. They do actuate really high up (yes, they are a speed switch), but I’m not getting a lot of accidental presses like I do with Kailh speed coppers or Cherry speed silvers. These are nice switches!

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Do they have a similar sound to other long-stem switches?

Hmm… Not exactly. I’d say it’s in between a halo and a black ink switch in terms of sound.