Gateron Ink varieties at KBDFans

That sucks.

They might be really good for jailhouse modding though - I wonder how they’ll take to JSpacers with the tighter tolerances of Ink switches.

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ooh I just ordered some reds and yellows and now you’re making me wish I ordered blues too

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Okay, I’ve had these yellows for a while now. I like them a lot, indeed. I’d say I actually prefer them over gateron blacks. I haven’t even lubed them. I really like the weight and force curve of the spring. They do actuate really high up (yes, they are a speed switch), but I’m not getting a lot of accidental presses like I do with Kailh speed coppers or Cherry speed silvers. These are nice switches!

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Do they have a similar sound to other long-stem switches?

Hmm… Not exactly. I’d say it’s in between a halo and a black ink switch in terms of sound.

Has someone tried the blue inks and can tell me about the spring? Does it really get softer with compression or is that a typo.

That has gotta be a typo, unless Gateron found a way to break spring physics.

Well those springs are physically possible and already used in a small nuber of devices but i doubt gateron would go through the trouble

Happy to take the L on this one as I’m admittedly not incredibly knowledgeable in regards to springs, but I’d love an explanation of how they work if you have one handy? My understanding of springs is that you’d need to have multiple components rather than a singular spring to produce that kind of effect, possibly inside some kind of weird sealed and pressurized housing?

the increase in force could be due to the leaf and stem interacting.
Like with the cherry blue graph here, peak force is higher than bottom out.

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I am seriously typing on them right now and it very well could be slightly higher force to actuate than to bottom out. It takes a little extra pressure to actuate both the switch and the click I believe, maybe that extra tension from the jacket causes the actuation force to be higher… Once the switch is activated and traveling past the click, it does feel slightly lighter in the remainder of the depress.

That being said, these things are LOUD as shit! I have a board with Box Jades, and I would venture that these are as loud or louder! I have these ones in a hi-pro preonic kit with ABS DSA caps, so not even the loudest caps possible and it is still obnoxious. I have a pretty well sound proofed office, but with my door open, the people out on the floor in our open floor plan are giving me nervous, irritated looks lol!