Gateron KS-3 X1 Pro

Quakemz spoke highly of it in his latest video:

So I got some from ThocKeys. Cheap too.


I get confused with the Gateron names - are they similar to the milky Cap Yellow V2s?

Made by same company, very different switch however. KS-3 X1 Pro seems to be better Gateron Yellow. I’ve read that Gateron CAP v2 is very nice also.

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These look like the milky housing equivalents to the Gateron Pro Yellows that our friend the goat reviewed here. I bought some and they’re still in my queue of switches to properly test in a board but initial impressions were good.

They’re quite smooth, particularly for a budget switch and wobble is impressively minimal. For what they cost, I don’t think you can go wrong with them.


Shipment tracking from ThocKeys remain stuck in “Label Created” status for a full week now. Going to give them another week before worrying.

Received the switches yesterday. Gateron Yellow is known for its value. This switch bumps up the value another notch. Liking how smooth it feels stock. Lubing with 205g0 made it sound noticeably more thocky. If I had to guess, it’s the bottom housing which, this being my first fully milky Gat. Yellow variant, felt surprisingly dense like resin.

Now I’m tempted to get more to add to my Doomsday stash.


I agree it’s a good switch stock. I got some last week. What I don’t understand is that the description says these are new molds that reduce wobble from previous options. Wobble feels the same to me as the batch of KS-3 that I bought last year.


I hope our switch naming schemes can only become more complex from here.

I certainly can’t wait for:
Gateron KS-27X ULTRA-S MAX PRO Special Collector's Edition x Novelkeys


It kinda reminds me of Street Fighter titles.


It’d be useful if X1 label is used by the manufacturers to denote first batch out of a mold. X2’d then be second batch.

Is that the ones that use USB-C or do they still use Lightning?

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I’ll just leave this here. Similar price, V1 JWK linear molds.


After using this switch for a day, I think what KS-3 X1 Pro needs is long pole stem to bring out the sound more. With a Cream stem, I’ve verified that it added an appealing clack without losing Gateron Yellow’s distinct sound signature.