Gateron KS-3 X1 Pro

Quakemz spoke highly of it in his latest video:

So I got some from ThocKeys. Cheap too.


I get confused with the Gateron names - are they similar to the milky Cap Yellow V2s?

Made by same company, very different switch however. KS-3 X1 Pro seems to be better Gateron Yellow. I’ve read that Gateron CAP v2 is very nice also.

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These look like the milky housing equivalents to the Gateron Pro Yellows that our friend the goat reviewed here. I bought some and they’re still in my queue of switches to properly test in a board but initial impressions were good.

They’re quite smooth, particularly for a budget switch and wobble is impressively minimal. For what they cost, I don’t think you can go wrong with them.


Shipment tracking from ThocKeys remain stuck in “Label Created” status for a full week now. Going to give them another week before worrying.