Gateron Optical and Holy Optical Speedy Gaterons

Please see the following gallery:

In case you are curious about this switch, here are some pics and an explanation of how it works. It’s pretty smooth, I really like it!

The only people I know who are currently selling a keyboard you can use these switches in are these guys:

I have the igk62p which has an oddball layout. I heard a rumor though that Zeal might make a PCB that uses these switches. They don’t require a special case or plate, just a fixed-layout plate and a special PCB. I believe you can put the igk61p PCB sold on the above website into a standard 60% case. They also sell a plate on that website, but it is missing the holes you need to access the screws on the PCB for a standard 60% layout screw mounting. You can always drill them.

Funny thing is while taking these pics someone asked me if Halo stems fit in these housings since they have a longer-than-usual stem. They do fit, and they do work! I transplanted a Razer Green (Greetech) leaf in to add tactility and viola… A switch that feels like a Holy Panda but with a shorter throw and optical. Crazy… Talk about a niche meme switch! You can buy Gateron optical blue or brown switches that already have the leaf, if you wanted to make such a crazy meme switch.


Walker you and your crazy witchcraft will never cease to amaze me!

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Waiting patiently on mine!

For science!!

Gotta love the work you do and those bases will be in the post ASAP :slight_smile:

All hail @Walkerstop, our friendly neighborhood switch wizard! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Seriously though awesome info you’ve been bringing us here!

A little late :)…but do MX stems and springs match really ?

Well, that’s neat! I didn’t realize these were so similar even with their differences.

I’m guessing a Cream stem would work in these as well - and now I’m curious how (or if) the optical stems would work in various other switches.