[GB] Artisan Keycaps - Girlycaps Studios - Turnos

Hello everyone,
We are from Girlycaps Studios, a new team artisan maker from Vietnam. This is my first sale on Keebtalk and my second groupbuy for Artisan Keycap.
Our last sale is “StrongBrew” Dwarf King with Lord of the ring scenerio and we try to create more artisan keycap with strong concept background.
This time we bring new guy and his name is Turnos - with combining Thanos face and a turtle and we mix with some keyset colorway
You can check them out at our reddit sale post here:

And feel free to give us any feedback, comment or anything you want to share about our design.
Thank you and nice day :slight_smile:


Are anymore of the Strongbrew Dwarf Kings available? I really dig the orange to blue gradient.

Sorry, StrongBrew sale ended 2 months ago