[GB] Coriander MiniVan Keyboard Case $330

The Coriander is a MiniVan keyboard case milled from Corian, the same stuff they use in kitchen countertops.

I am producing 70 cases and 46 have already been purchased. The expected manufacturing time is 2 months.

Order here Trashman.club


The Trash Man


Come on folks, put your orders in so Evangs can put his order in and I get mine sooner :slight_smile:

quick q:

it says universal plate is included but the image shows a fixed plate. Which is right?

Also, where do you get minivan PCBs now adays?

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Universal plate. I’ll have some extra pcbs after I finish shipping the pre-ordered ones. There are also a few minivan compatible pcbs running soon.

I’ll sell you a minivan compat pcb :grinning: joking not joking.

I’ll be offering extras of my model-V PCB, a minivan variant, next week or so if you care to enhance the flex.

Great design and layout options.

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If you got more of those 1mm sign me the fuck up