[GB] DSA Groove!

Finally, DSA Groove has moved to the groupbuy phase! This groupbuy will run through August 16th, and the price will drop from $99.99 to $89.99 retroactively once 250 sets are sold.

In this group buy, there will be one full kit with everything in it, including novelties, ISO, and other compatibility kits.




Make it SA if possible!

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Congrats on getting to the group buy stage! Hope this set does well and looking forward to what you come up with next.

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Where is this gb running ?

Now! Get it at https://kono.store/products/dsa-groove

@PyroL - are F and J homing on this board? I don’t see anything about homing keys mentioned on the group buy.


In the original files we forgot about homing keys, but they have since been added.

Were we able to hit the 250 mark?

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Thank you! I bought a set and plan on pairing it with my KIRA. It should be a good time! :3

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I’m getting a count soon, I think we were a bit shy of the mark but we’ll know for sure in a bit

The group buy will be open until Kira orders are being taken, right? Can anyone tell me when that date is? Also, do you think it will be ok to use these on the old box switches? I am planning to get Hako Trues for my Kira. Thank you.