[GB] DSA Scientific (production)

Brought to you by my Galaxy S7

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Hot damn! That looks so good. Now I can’t wait to see the gb start. I hope it’s a uuuge success!

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I own many keycap sets, but not a single one on DSA profile. The flat profile always turned me off.

This is going to be my first, though, that’s for sure. Beautiful color scheme! Will look amazing on my gray Klippe!

Looking forward to the GB! :grinning:

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EDIT : don’t mind me I am blind

I might be in. However one question, some renders show home keys for ‘f’ and ‘j’ but they are not shown on the alpha picture ( like for the Colvrak kit ) I really hope the alpha doesn’t include the homing keys f and j because i actually use n and a as home keys :cries_in_unpopular_layout:

edit : all renders have the home f and j except the last one and the alpha top view

edit edit : there is a render from one of the ortho40% with an arrow as a home key, I suppose it is the render since they are the arrow from the modifier kits. If the alpha have home keys, does the numpad has a home ‘5’ key because it doesn’t look like it has ?

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Hey @gab.a! Each kit has both options:

  • Alphas have regular F+J and homing barred F+J (render: third row, right)
  • Mod kits have regular down-arrow and homing barred down-arrow
  • Numpad has regular 5 and homing dotted 5
  • (Colevrak is all homing barred .)

So, in all cases, you have the option to use the regular (non-barred) keys.

Hope that clears things up!


Oh my bad… should have look more closely, thank you for the help.

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Today is the day?

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I dunno. I posted April 10 on reddit and geekhack, but TKC posted April 9 on instagram… :thinking:

We should have something available by the end of the day.


:joy: well let’s just say soon™


Question for the mods:

Is it better to create another post for the GB? or just update this one?


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Hey good question! I’d say best to update the title and post content of this one, keeps everything tidy in one place. If possible keep the IC info below the GB content in the first post so that it can be referred to. Can add spoiler to IC content if you want to collapse it.


Updated the OP with GB information.

Just a heads up:

Our EU (mykeyboard.eu) and Asia (zFrontier) proxies aren’t up yet… they should be within the next few days.

Otherwise, US & Canada proxies are open for orders.



Great job on updating the post, it looks great! I’ll be joining via your store as soon as my credit card period rolls over to the next month now. Wishing you all the best in the GB and I hope we can get all those kits made!

Joining when it hits mykeyboard.eu. Think I’m gonna build a preonic. Set looks amazing!

I’m gonna be soo sorry I passed on this, but my budget just can’t allow it at this time :frowning:

Thanks for the moral support :wink:

We really tried to make it as affordable as possible. Especially with the 40’s kit.

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You did a commendable job with pricing for the 40s kit. Although I don’t experience the nostalgia of owning a TI calculator, I do love the colors. Absolutely sold after seeing how they would look on the Prime E.

Excellent. Glad holtenc chose a similar colour as the renders for the prime_e.

PS. Colevrak has reached MOQ!

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European proxy mykeyboard.eu seems to be up!


Thanks for this wonderful set. I’m definitely buying it!

I’m a bit frustrated with the pricing on MyKeyboard.eu though. It’s significantly higher. Here’s a comparison with TheKey.Company for the subsets I’m interested in:

  • $30 vs. ~$40.6 (36€) for Alphas
  • $40 vs. ~$50.8 (45€) for 40% & Ortho
  • $25 vs. ~$29.3 (26€) for Novelties
  • $5 vs. ~$7.7 (6.8€) for Colevrak

So my total for the 4 subsets on TKC is $100 which even with the $23.79 delivery to Norway is cheaper than the total on MyKeyboard.eu without delivery: ~$128.36 (113.80€) (they don’t show the delivery cost for preorders, but it won’t be free for sure).

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