[GB] DSA Scientific (production)

I’m looking into it (with TKC)

I will quote myself, from the geekhack GB thread:

From my experience with the Canadian proxy, if I were to charge in Canadian dollars, then the price goes up 3% automatically. Beyond a certain order quantity, I would have to charge 10% more in taxes. Shipping from the manufacturer to Canada is also more expensive (let alone Europe); since we sell fewer kits, I have to take that penalty. In this case, Canadian buyers save on shipping, taxes and duties.

However, a full-fledged business has to charge full taxes (in Canada, at least). Prices listed on mykeyboard.eu include VAT. There is also duties and handling fees related to importing.

If the price is roughly the same as buying directly, then you win because 1. you get more reliable shipping (imagine 50+ packages crossing the ocean, versus one). Your local proxy has access to and is more familiar with the local carriers. 2. Service at proximity is always preferable in case anything goes wrong. Not to mention that our EU and Asia proxies are reputable businesses used to this kind of thing.

I would expect a smoother experience, overall.


Our progress so far:

Thanks to dvorcol for these amazing graphs!


We’ve got a ways to go but this is a healthy start for sure! If we keep up this rate it should be no problem at all.

Only 5 days in!

Joined via mykeyboard.eu. Can inform that at least 1 norde kit has been ordered. Crossing my fingers that it will hit MOQ.


Make that 2 :wink: Also a pack of Novelties in case the NorDe kit won’t make it.
Can’t wait!


Thank you for the explanation. I will take this into account.

You can always buy direct (from TKC)

you can see from Hiney’s PCB post that’s also running via MyKeyboard.eu the reason for the prices being higher than the North American prices:

Note: The MyKeyboard.eu price includes 21% VAT, import shipping and PayPal fees.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/mechmarket/comments/bep8g3/gb_h87_pcbs_for_custom_tkls_last_two_days_to_order/

hope this helps

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Correct! I updated the OP to avoid further confusion.


Thanks, I understand it now. But I think it doesn’t help me, because I’m in Norway and it’s not in EU. So I have to pay import tax on anything more expensive than ~35€ :frowning_face: Online shopping in Norway sucks…

You’re not alone my friend… :couple:

Order from TKC if you don’t want to pay double the tax.

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Yep, there’s a reason I always use a US proxy, even if there’s a EU one available. In theory they should be able to give you pricing without VAT when selling to Norwegian customers, but this is rarely offered in my experience. Understandably so!

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All proxies are live! :star_struck:



Progress update (does not include zFrontier sales, yet):

Edit: our graphs are now in 3d!


looks good, all kits will make it !

Progress as of April 25:

2 weeks to go!


As of April 30:



But come on guys! The Novelties are amazing, why wouldn’t you get a set?!^^

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