[GB Ghost Switch Silent Linear


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The GeekHack Thread for this topic can be found here:
Interest Check Thread
Group Buy Thread Waiting on mod approval.

There is also room for discussion on my Discord Server: here

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The Interest Check - A History
Part 1 of the Interest Check
The initial interest check was to find out colour schemes that everyone liked. We had a total of 126 votes and 11,500 switches pledged. Which is good but we can do better! For custom colouring we need to meet an MOQ of 20,000 switches!

Part 2 of the Interest Check
The second part of the interest check was to narrow down the colour selection to three options. We had a total of 184 votes and 20,810 switches pledged. With this part of the IC only being up for 2 weeks this is an amazing outcome.

Results of the colour choice…

Option 1: BLUE // PINK 49 Votes 26.6%
Option 2: GREY // VIOLET 42 Votes 22.8%
Option 3: WHITE // WHITE 93 Votes 50.5%

It is obviously a clear winner for the Ghost switch!

To help us reach this MOQ I have negotiated a better price with Durock. I will be able to charge USD $0.60 (GBP £0.47) per switch, instead of the original price of USD $0.70 (GBP £0.54).

I will also be offering FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING on all orders of 200 switches or more, this proved popular for my recent Koala GB. I hope people will use this offer to purchase 200 switches instead of 110. Which will help us reach the MOQ. There is no need for a coupon this time, if you add 200 switches to the basket you will automatically see the option for Free Shipping. This is for standard shipping only and will not be tracked.

Switch Specifications
Manufacturer - Durock
Function - Silent Linear
Lower Housing - Nylon
Upper Housing - PolyCarb
Stem - POM
Stem Silencers - Silicon
Spring weight - 67g
NO Factory Lube

I have commissioned the talented @Wintheart on Instagram, to create some artwork for a limited edition sticker run to coincide with this GB. These will be £2.50 each die-cut vinyl and be approximately 75mm x 75mm (3inch x 3inch).

Buy these here

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I am going to run this group buy for only 3 weeks as opposed to 5 weeks like my last few group buys. My recent group buys have had a lot of activity at the start and end with not much in the middle. So I am going to see if this is just a waste of time. My reasoning being that if we can get 20,000 switches in 2 weeks of an interest check I am confident we can hit MOQ in 3 weeks of a running Group Buy.

From To Stages
21st February 13th March Group Buy
14th March Order Submitted to Durock
15th March 19th April Switches being manufactured
20th April 24th April Order shipped to Optic Boards
25th April 30th April Order packaged and shipped out
1st May Extras in stock at Optic Boards

Due to popular requests in my recent Group Buy’s I have now added the option for Tracked Shipping. You will be able to select this at checkout. This will be for Tracked Shipping insured to the value of £250GBP.

Thank you all,
George – Optic Boards

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We are currently sitting at 18k out of 20k switches in the first 10 days of GB.

How similar are these to the silent Alpacas?

They are the same switch essentially. Key differences below

  1. Colour scheme… Spookly oooOOoooOO
  2. No factory lube - makes a difference to those planning to lube the switch not having to clean off any already put on.
  3. Spring weight, alpacas are 62g these are slightly heavier at 67g.

Hope that helps!

AFAIK, Alpaca Silent didn’t review well and still hasn’t sold out. I’d think an IC for Loud Ghost would be more welcomed than a silent one, even with H1 on the radar.

LOUD GHOST! Brilliant, I was trying to find an apt name for a non silent version. That’s fantastic!

I’d be interested to read any reviews on the silent alpacas, the ones that I have seen have all spoke favourably of them. I may just have readers bias and be overlooking poor comments always happy to be corrected.

While LOUD GHOST is great, I’d put my metaphorical hat in for “Banshee”


Maybe Banshee for a tactile version? I love it!

Call the unsilenced linear the poltergeist!

Loud ghost, Banshee, Poltergeist! You are all on fire!

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