[GB] GMK Bentō

GMK Bentō, inspired by the Japanese culture, and the iconic/typical home-packed meal called ‘Bento (弁当)’.
Hiraganas and Kobe legends with Cherry icon modifiers, produced by GMK.



Rama Keycaps

Aluminium anodised (PMS 178 C) with white enamel fill keycap

Hand mirror polished PVD Brass keycap



Final numbers (excluding extras):

Base kit 761/250
Spacebars kit 409/150
Kobe kit 89/150
Rama keycaps
Alu keycap 222/50
Brass keycap 70/50


IC thread

GB will run until February 28, 2018.
These keycaps are set to be shipped out 12 weeks after the end of the Group Buy.

Also, deskmats will be available later.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this project :slight_smile:


This looks fantastic! Congrats!

I just wish there was a 40% kit, but I can make it work without one.

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bought the base, kobe, and the rama aluminum keycap :grin: I can’t wait for these to come already!!!

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FWIW to those scrolling the forum and may not necessarily visit your geo store: there’s a Bentou Keebwerk Nano as well.

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Current numbers:

Base kit 172/250
Spacebars kit 87/150
Kobe kit 29/150
Rama keycaps
Alu keycap 60/50
Brass keycap 19/50

Also, don’t forget to check the Nano Bentō!


Update on 02/09:

Base kit 284/250
Spacebars kit 146/150
Kobe kit 42/150
Rama keycaps
Alu keycap 90/50
Brass keycap 28/50

if the kobe doesn’t hit the 150 MOQ is it still going to be made?

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Vendors will get extras to ensure that it’s gonna be produced!

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Are the deskpads coming for this set at some point?

Yes, but it will be after the GB most likely.

We’re waiting for samples.
We might get them after CNY tho!

Update on 02/14:

Base kit 319/250
Spacebars kit 164/150
Kobe kit 44/150
Rama keycaps
Alu keycap 104/50
Brass keycap 30/50
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Update on 02/22:

Base kit 430/250
Spacebars kit 225/150
Kobe kit 51/150
Rama keycaps
Alu keycap 132/50
Brass keycap 39/50
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Successful set! Congrats!

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Update on 02/27:

Base kit 527/250
Spacebars kit 292/150
Kobe kit 57/150
Rama keycaps
Alu keycap 157/50
Brass keycap 51/50

Also, as mentioned before, there won’t be any price cut, so I decided to add some extra novelties into the base kit (since the base kit production cost is now lowered).
GMK has to confirm me the amount but apparently, I could add 3 to 5 novelties. I immediatly thought about the Torii I made for the Nano Bentō but I also have some unused legends.

I’ll let you know :slight_smile:


Thank you biip! Looking forward to which ones you’ll be picking!

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Update on 02/28:

Base kit 636/250
Spacebars kit 335/150
Kobe kit 72/150
Rama keycaps
Alu keycap 189/50
Brass keycap 53/50

You guys are crazy! I’m so pleased :smiley:
It’s absolutely unbelievable, I never thought that this set would be so successful!

Note that the GB is still running :wink:

Thank you all <3


You guys went nuts! The GB was a blast :slight_smile:
Thanks for the amazing support!

I’ll post the final numbers soon.
Here are the novelties that I would like to add in the base kit (R1 only):

Any thoughts?


Great additions. Congrats on the successful GB!

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I love it. adds some flair to the top of the set with good symmetry. I use 65% so this will be replacing my 5-8 on my numrow

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