[GB] GMK Calm Depths

NA Proxy: https://kono.store/products/gmk-calm-depths-keycap-set
EU Proxy: https://mykeyboard.eu/catalogue/category/group-buys/gmk-calm-depths_125
ASIA Proxy: https://en.zfrontier.com/products/gmk-calm-depths

GB Ends: January 1st 2019 January 15th 2019
Estimated Delivery: April 2019, EU will be ahead of NA/Asia as usual due to not having to ship overseas and go through customs.
MOQ’s: Base - 250 / Assembly - 100 / Spacebars - 100
Colors: Will be matched against BBQ/GTA/BFR from SP. I’m sending in keys from the original SP SA set for color matching. The result of that will be posted in future updates here. SP SA Reference in broad daylight: https://i.imgur.com/x54eCwM.png

Available Kits:

Keyboard renders:

Tray renders, design by biip:


Please let me know if you have any questions about this GB :sunglasses:

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Wow, looks great @Oblotzky! I’m definitely down for a set! Any chance for spacebars the same colors as the legends? I think a legend colored colored spacebar would look fire with this colorway! :metal:

I considered it, but since the OG set didn’t have accent keys and also to keep the buy from being overloaded by options (and thus higher pricing) I chose not to

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I got you, completely understandable. Is the legend color a custom one? it looks really close to Sky Dolch’s legend color, I wonder if the cyan spacebars from that set would match? Anyways thanks for the quick reply & GL with this set!

I’m matching colors against the SP SA set, so the legend color will be identical to SP’s BBQ

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We are at around 75% MOQ for Base + Spacebars, while Assembly struggles a bit at around 40%. Hopefully we can get all 3 kits made! :slight_smile:

I’ll also see to extend the GB a few days past January 1st for people that need the new paycheck to come in first.


Just joined for the Assembly and Spacebars (needed an extra 2u space for Boardwalk, Iris, and Eco)… looking forward to this! Thx.

I have good news, some very good news, and even more good news!

We have successfully reached MOQ on both the Base Kit and the Spacebars Kit! And while Assembly is hovering around 60%, we have decided to extend the GB until the 15th of January for the following reason. First, I wanted to add another week so that people can catch some breath after Christmas and New Years. But we turned that into two weeks because Kono is attending the CES next week so they wouldn’t be home to close down the sale and submit the order right away, hence we decided to close it on the 15th instead. Hopefully we can call Assembly a success by then as well!

And lastly: I have approved the custom legend color from GMK, I’ll be posting some pictures of that tomorrow. Mod and Alpha colors will be done next.

Have a great new year, and I’ll keep you updated on the progress of this project soon. Thanks for all the support!


Good to hear that the set made moq and that your going for broke with the assembly kit. Very excited to get my hands on the set!