[GB] GMK OG Spacekeys - CC/CR/L9 split spacebars

Split spacebar kit for OG-themed GMK keysets. Pairs well with Dolch variants, 9009, and any black-base set. Most compatible sets below.

Price: $35, €30

Open date: May 14, 2019
Close date: June 12, 2019
Estimated lead time: 8-12 weeks upon GB end

US/Canada order here: https://hineybush.com/products/gmk-og-spacekeys

Rest of world order here: https://forms.gle/E2kw1yiW912bw7ji9

Thanks Oblotzky for helping out with this and proxying the RoW orders.

Potentially incomplete list of supported sets:


  • OG Dolch
  • Ivan Dolch
  • Kekkon Dolch
  • Sky Dolch
  • Skidolcha
  • Mint Dolch


  • OG WoB
  • Originative (and variants)
  • Keyboard & Co. (mods)
  • Griseann
  • Miami Nights
  • Demonic
  • LedZep (mods)
  • Metaverse (mods)
  • Monochrome (mods)


  • OG Beige (most sets - not all)
  • Classic Retro (and variants)
  • 9009 R1/R2
  • Miami Dusk
  • N6TU1-CR

I’m in it to win it


“c” (in the picture) stands for convex or off center stem ?
kit is called spacekeys in picture, but majority are c-marked spacebars not spacekeys.
post title uses both terms spacekeys and spacebars … I’m confused

heck yeah I’m in

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“c” is convex

how can 2.75u key have off center stem?

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Convex. Spacekeys is a different way to say it, it’s just a “key” rather than a “bar” which we consider to be longer.

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Over 100 kits ordered so far!

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incl. RoW ?