Hi! Running my first set with Originative Co. it’s called Wasabi. MKEU also hosting along with zF. Group buy is live.

A set with simple inspiration, stock colors of 3A on CR, a low MOQ and a small base kit that’s easy on the wallet during these trying times :sweat_smile:

Base: (Updated)

A little reasoning behind the size of the only kit. I wanted this set to be priced as low as possible, while still being able to cover most layouts between TKL to 60. I also wanted this set to be priced competitively during GB, and when it came to OCo having this in stock after the GB. I would not like for purchasers to have to pay for a ton of compatibility keys while trying to kit out a 60%. Being that this is my first set, I didn’t really want to add kits or make this a complicated process on everyone involved, and thought I would keep it simple, like where the inspiration for this came from.

Some renders:

WKL Jane


WK Jane


Numbers are looking pretty good after about the first week.

Hope you might like, and might consider supporting this <3


Giving this a bump to support my boy @Sour & IMO it’s a pretty sweet colorway. I’d grab a set while you can at retail price if you like it!


Will have a smol update for this smol set after the weekend

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I just realized this set will finally let me use the slew of green artisans I have grabbed over time that just do not match Toxic (almost impossible to match unless the colorway was made to match it specifically)! Even more pumped about this set than I was already now! :smiley:

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MKEU added in main also

Adding some accent keys, so CR on 3A, Esc, Enter and arrow keys.
Will have edited base kit render, updated soon.

GB is live till Oct 18th!

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Accent keys! Now I am in!


Nice, those will really set the kit off!

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OP updated, base with accents
Big thanks to Oblotzky for his patience and renders.

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GMK Wasabi has reached MOQ!

Thank you so much for supporting this little keyset, and a big thank you to all the people behind the scenes helping make this set a reality!


Will Originative have extras?