[GB] GMK Wasabi (Shipping to vendors!)

I just realized this set will finally let me use the slew of green artisans I have grabbed over time that just do not match Toxic (almost impossible to match unless the colorway was made to match it specifically)! Even more pumped about this set than I was already now! :smiley:

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MKEU added in main also

Adding some accent keys, so CR on 3A, Esc, Enter and arrow keys.
Will have edited base kit render, updated soon.

GB is live till Oct 18th!

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Accent keys! Now I am in!


Nice, those will really set the kit off!

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OP updated, base with accents
Big thanks to Oblotzky for his patience and renders.

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GMK Wasabi has reached MOQ!

Thank you so much for supporting this little keyset, and a big thank you to all the people behind the scenes helping make this set a reality!


Will Originative have extras?

Yes they will

Small update for the few that might be waiting for info here.

I think most people are aware that GMK recently increased their lead times to about 20 weeks.

I haven’t gotten official confirmation from OCO on dates yet, but this should mean Wasabi will ship around next month. Will update as I know more.


Good day!

So with the recent lead time increase, and some recent sets selling like a billion units each, GMK is very understandably a little behind schedule.

Set is expected to ship to OCO very early March.

Not the best news, I understand, at least we somewhat have a date to look forward to though!

I’ll be sure to post updates here, if anything else comes up.



Thanks for the update! Can’t wait.

Commissioned these bad ass artisans from Mr. BadChad

Set should be shipping to OCO very very soon. Will update when I get a notification from GMK, thanks for your patience, we’re just about there! :smiley:


I know it’s to late but this kit should be done in the shades of soy sauce and Wasabi. =/

Is buy still on track for May delivery?

It is. Early May shipping to OCo. Waiting for confirmation

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A little something spicy showed up in the post today.


Eagerly awaiting my shipping confirmation from Originative! Looks amazing!


Looks awesome! Will any extras be available?

I don’t think OCo will have any extras, but there should be some extras on zFrontier, MKEU, and saw it up on mechanicalkeyboards.com as well :+1:

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Awesome, thank you! I just placed an order on mk.com, does that guarantee me a set?

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