[GB] is0 - 1 key macropad


I’m not sure I can participate cause most group buys nowadays have separated iso kits. I don’t even have any iso enter keys I’d want to use!

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I… I…

I have no idea how to feel about this.

You should feel International Organization for Standardization


I reallllllllly want one of these, but the price is too prohibitive for me atm. Got these ISO keys collecting dust, and they could use a home.

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Same, I could use it as a power or kill switch for my PC & finally use all the ISO enters I have collecting dust!

It kinda stinks that the price is what it is for the quality bar they wanted to hit (although it’s a pretty nice price), even considering that they’re losing $4 for each one they sell

BTW, i’m looking after ISO Enter keys from GMK :slight_smile:

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Fuck i hate myself for wanting this so bad.

Same, but too expensive for me at this moment, i’m poor for the rest of the year :neutral_face:

Haha same :sweat_smile: If i dont go online drunk in august i wont get any niche gadgets

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I have to pay my next year trip in Tokyo :blush: