[GB] JTK Vostok-1/Восток-1 Tripleshot

JTK Vostok-1/Восток-1 Tripleshot by Buger

NA: Novelkeys : https://novelkeys.xyz/products/jtk-vostok-1-gb

EU:mykeyboard : https://mykeyboard.eu/catalogue/jtk-vostok-1-base-kit_1252/

ASIA:zFrontier : https://en.zfrontier.com/products/jtk-vostok-1

AUS: dailyclack : https://dailyclack.com/products/jtk-vostok-1

Vostok 1 was the first spaceflight of the Vostok programme and the first crewed spaceflight in history. The Vostok 3KA space capsule was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome on April 12, 1961, with Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin aboard, making him the first human to cross into outer space. (wikipedia)

JTK Vostok-1 is a Tripleshot ABS keycap set with heavy Soviet Union influences.

Inspired by the Soviet Union’s history and the fascination of the space and sci-fi, enabled by the tripleshot molds from JTK, Vostok-1 is born.

The set is a greenish teal based design with muddy low saturated red and yellow accents to recreate a cold industrial and militaristic look with signature red and yellow partisan colors.

Base layout:

Base will feature a set of tripleshot alphas: red legends with teal cyrillic sublegends.

Mods will be yellow on teal.

Two tone doubleshot alphas will be offered as an add-on for those who want cleaner looking alphas at a very competitive price

Novelties and accent designs:

A large collection of red and yellow accents keys with many novelty designs

Stylized Восток-1 / Vostok-1
Stylized Gagarin
Stylized Vostok 3KA space capsule
CCCP1961 The party that made it happened and the year when it happened
Soviet Air Force Pilot-Cosmonaut Badge of First Class

From left to right:

Iconized Andreas Cellarius’s illustration of the Copernican’s Heliocentric system with a spacecraft orbiting

Stylized celestial-bodies-like hammer and sickle symbols to reflect on the strong USSR and Space theme of this set.

ДОРОГА В КОСМОС / Road to the Stars, the autobiography of Yuri Gagarin
Let me know your thoughts on the design!

Some agents info:


Absolutely love the set, the Idea and the colours. This is a buy for sure


thanks sir

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Would it be possible to switch the legends around. Cyrillic alphas with roman sublegends would be something i’d pick up and maybe even include in the base

not yet sir

Please offer a us proxy. I don’t want to go through zfrontier.


really like everything about this.

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I have not decided, but ZF will be China agent. If you are in US or EU, you can choose others.


Wow, very good looking! This might be my first JTK set ever!

Thank you! I hope Zfrontier can overcome their issues, but the way things are looking for them right now I personally wouldn’t buy through them.

I hope you will like them.

ZF will be China agent. In other countries we will provide different agents.
ButI personally trust ZF always, I believe ZF and JTK will be better in the future.


update the base layout,correct some keys.

Some agents info:

NA: Novelkeys




Well that is good to hear a vendor backing up ZF & I’ve personally never had any issues with them. I was just referring to many projects they are behind on right now & their lack of updates & contact with GB participants on them. Nothing personal against them, I just wouldn’t buy through them till they get those worked out. Although I wonder if it’s more a language barrier than anything else & they have just done a bad job communicating delays to foreign GB participants. Cause it seems most everyone from the Asian markets are still very happy with & trusting of ZF & a good percentage of the people taking issue with them are from the US & Euro markets… :thinking:

Anyways sorry to derail the thread. Definitely still looking very forward to hopefully grabbing this set!

ZF is the most important agent for JTK in ASIA. We always trust ZF. In the other areas, ZF and JTK will work with more and more vendors to service customers better. So please trust us. If any customer or GB designer have problems with JTK, you can contact to JTK in any time via the email: sales@jtkeycaps.com

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Thank you. Loved JTK Hana, very much looking forward to this buy.

Thanks sir

GB start, links updated