[GB] KAT Atlantis

From the darkest depths of the ocean,
I bring you the lost city of Atlantis or if you will “KATlantis”
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US: Cannonkeys

EU: MyKeyboard

Oceania: DailyClack

Asia: zFrontier

Canada: Desk Hero

Satisfaction 75 | Upas

M60A Lake | Rama

Navy Chimera 65 | Upas

Grey Chimera 65 | Upas



Atlantis X Rama


Estimated shipping is October 2020

Special Thanks

Collaboration/feedback: Upas
Renders: Abec13
Feedback: Xerp, Hisui, Alv
Novelties: Hisui
Help with Greek legends: OCM
Deskmat: OCM


I’ve been hesitant to try KAT because of my relative dislike of SA, MT3, and DSA, but this kit is pretty interesting looking, I might have to go for it.

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I like it because it’s shorter than SA but still has a little sculpt to it, not to mention it sounds and feels amazing!

Day 1 Numbers! Thank you all for the support!

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friendship ended with nautilus nightmares

now kat altantis is my new best friend


But NN is green and this is blue! :face_with_monocle:

Those are pretty good first days numbers! Happy to see this set going well for you :slight_smile: