[GB] KAT Milkshake

:frowning: so the only way to get them is from NovelKeys? Or should I wait for an Asia Vendor? I’m from India and shipping is more than the cost of the deskmat!

Novelkeys and Candykeys

Just a small production update: the manufacturer is on track :thumb:

Biip on Geekhack



In case anyone missed this or forgot some necessary kits, Novelkeys is putting their extras up for sale in 10 minutes here:


They mentioned in the email blast that you cannot buy more than one of each kit or your order will be cancelled.

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I figured I’d try as I was here and I still haven’t tried KAT, it was gone in like less than 20 sec it looked like.

Alphas were gone in less than 7 seconds I was timing myself. With everyone on at least partial lockdown it seems everyone has time sit and hit refresh.

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Jeez yeah that’s nuts, although I can’t say I’m super surprised.

I managed to get a set of alphas and modifiers somehow. It felt like I had time for some reason. I mean I was still quick about it but I took my time entering credit card info and the purchase managed to go through.

Then I realized…nooooooo no 7u spacebar and everything is sold out… :frowning:

Figured out a somewhat un-ideal solution though ended up not being too bad.

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Maybe you could get a DSA or SA single from SP? if you have to mismatch one key spacebar is probably easiest to hide. I was using an MT3 spacebar with XDA canvas for a while because I didn’t realize I didn’t have a 7u and it mostly worked.

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Yea that’s probably what I’m going to do until the other Kat set I ordered starts shipping later in the fall.

The fact that everything is selling out in seconds makes me worried that I have no chance at getting an NK65 Entry addition. Or the sweet Vaporwave keycaps they have coming.

I wanted to get the spacebar kit, but it would have cost 90 CAD after shipping and conversion

Hard Pass.

I am amazed at how fast the extras sold out. I love KAT so far, but the pricing on the kits is so low vs GMK, I assumed it would push a ton of the “maybe’s” into just buying. It might be that the hobby is growing so fast that it is a lot of new people that got in after the GB was done, but still, they went faster than some of the really hot GMK extras recently like Bento and Vaporwave. Awesome to have new profiles like this mixing it up

I wouldn’t be too worried about the NK65, from what they’ve been saying they’re going to stock a lot, and my guess would be that the limiting factor will be how many orders they want ship. Injection molded plastic isn’t like CNC, once they’ve fronted the ten grand or whatever for the mold the cases will be like $1 each to manufacture, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they even transition it to an in stock item.

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KAT is PBT, sounds great, is reasonably priced, and is comfortable to type on. I totally understand its popularity and I think it was really smart how vendors are re-running popular sets in KAT (like Milkshake) to boost acceptance and build momentum. I think most of the reason they sold out in seconds is simply because they are Milkshake, which is very popular.

I think lasting popularity will depend on how well they handle dye sub errors over time.

It also helps that JSA and HSA have both been terribly delayed, so the most competitive profiles with KAT are MIA.

I think lasting popularity will depend on how well they handle dye sub errors over time.

Yes, Keycreative is working to correct the legend alignment and dyes saturation of Milkshake, hopefully the future ones won’t have errors.

But it’s wait and watch I guess.