[GB] Keebags - Keyboard Carry Cases (R2: Closed/Shipping)

Are the dimensions listed the internal dimensions of the slot for the keyboard or the outer dimensions of the entire case? I’m assuming the former, but I want to confirm.

The dimensions are internal dimensions :slight_smile: They may be ever so slightly larger than these dimensions too as they are handmade, rather than being smaller!

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so silly question, maybe? I didnt see it from what information I read. Im assuming these are water proof correct?

These aren’t waterproof, no. They’re not airtight. The material itself is somewhat water resistant but it’s not rated AFAIK. Hope this helps!

Ah, that does clear things up. I should have said water resistant and not water proof. They look really good. I’ll probably pick one up very soon. Thanks

No worries! I’m sure a thorough soaking wouldn’t help the board inside but, much like most watches, I’ve had no problems with my bags and boards in brief showers etc.

Some big boy updates… you can now pay with PayPal!

Orders are being accepted until the 2nd and I thought I’d drop an ASK55 update in here for good measure.

Final few days!

Less than 24 hours to go; thanks to everyone involved thus far

Invoices are all sent out on my end.

Just got mine and wanted to confirm that the donutcat proxy price included shipping?

I’m sure Donut will correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that this is calculated once they arrive with him, @donutcat?

Yes, confirmed that end shipping is calculated separately via email.

Any updates on production and delivery timelines?

Hi there!

I do apologise, I got caught up on GH and DT, neglecting KT entirely.

The bags are with me and shipping this weekend!

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And, on that note, they’re out!

All orders bar the proxy, PPKR-1001 and PPKR-1031 have shipped though these are scheduled for Monday.

Thanks everybody for getting involved. Should you need me, you know where I am.

Any update on the US proxy shipment? Thanks in advance.

Got my bag a few days ago and am loving it. I take it with me to work every day.

yeah i saw the photo of your and it looks very nice. I haven’t received any notification of shipment for mine. im just getting a little antsy because i see all these awesome pictures of everyone bags.

I ordered mine direct and NOT through the US proxy which is likely why I received mine already.

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