[GB] Keebags - Keyboard Carry Cases (round 2, closed, placing order)


Ah that would make sense. I ordered mine via the GB so that would be the US proxy, space at I think.

Edit: it was actually donutcat got the cats mixed up lol.


US Keebag orders are currently in my hands and I’ll be working on sorting them and making sure FedEx didn’t harass them too much to hopefully get shipping invoices out tomorrow.

Update to my update, got all the orders sorted today but I’ll need to wait a couple days for shipping materials since what I had planned to use isn’t going to work due to the sheer bulk of the bags. I’ll order tonight and invoices will be out when I have orders packed and ready to go out.


I’ll be waiting with bated breath. Thanks again for playing proxy with this GB.


Invoices are out so check your emails for them. Please be sure to confirm your current PayPal address is correct before paying.




Most orders went out yesterday, one out today, and I’ve got one last one waiting for payment to go out. Most should show up the end of this week based on USPS’s estimates.


got mine today thanks :3


Cheers for updating, Donut!

I hope everyone’s now received their orders. As always, do hit us up with any queries. Otherwise, I’ll look to close this as complete Dec 30th. Happy holidays!


As of 11/01/2019, Keebag round 1 is complete. All orders have shipped and the bags have been well received. Thanks to everyone for taking part!


is there any extra available for Ergodox ? if not any plans for another round ?


Round 2 is live! All relevant information can be found in the OP.


3 weeks for orders remaining!


What size bag do you recommend for 65% boards such as a canoe or tada68?


Most 65% boards will sneak in to a 60% just fine.

If you want a snug fit, the 60% will work. If you want a more lax fit, I’d consider the 75%. There’s no right or wrong, it’s subjective at this point!


Just FYI, we’re in to the final week.

Any Qs? Hit me up!


Final weekend!


6 hours remaining! :open_mouth: