[GB] Key Plushie [Asia/EU proxies added!]

Hi all! We’re excited to present to you Key Plushie, in collaboration with SwitchKeys! :tada:

About Key

Key, designed and created by Stef from SwitchKeys, was born out of a desire to create something truly unique. Being a father surrounded by toys and a lover of mechanical keyboards provided the foundations for this lightbulb moment.

Designed to be the showpiece of desks, bedrooms and dressers, Key is a one-off production that, along the journey, might just be met by characters from the universe of Clack Town.

Group Buy Dates

Start: Monday, December 9, 2019 at 6pm ET
End: Friday, January 3, 2020
Ships : Estimate April 2020


$20 USD
$30 AUD

Join the GB

US → TheKey.Company
Australia → SwitchKeys
Asia → zFrontier
EU → mykeyboard.eu


Please ask Stef to make more of these - it’s so precious and i would LOVE to have them in a couple of colorways, or even an ALPS variant for all of the vintage fans out there!


Love it. Will you be lining up a Europe proxy?

This little guy is awesome, but like @Lesbian said some more variants (color & stem) would probably move a lot more of them. Either way I’ll be in for one!

It sure is a shame that I’ll be picking up GMK Olivia++ kits later this month… I sure hope that one doesn’t just happen to “fall in” to my cart…

Hi guys,
Small bump to say we now have EU (MyKeyboard.eu) and AS (zFrontier) as Vendors for key!