[GB] KK75 keyboard kit Left 3 Days

Hi Everyone,

Good day! The GB for the KK75 KEYBOARD KIT is NOW LIVE on the Website Here. You can also check our IC post.

High-Resolution Images here. Join our discord server here.


Aluminum 6063



Single backlight (Need to purchase and install switch LED yourself)

KK75 Software

-Remap keys


-Musical rhythm: https://imgur.com/ebBbCip

Keyboard Angle: 4 degrees

Keyboard size: 327 * 170 * 32mm

Weight of the kit: 1.6 kg

The standard kit comes with:

Aluminum alloy case * 1 (top mount)

Non-hot-swap PCBA * 1

Aluminum Plate * 1

PCB Mounted Stabilizers

Default or custom name badge (PVD brass, shiny, screwed in, Size: 45.2*23.6 mm)

Price: US$170 + US$40 ( International DHL express) + PP fee. All prices included when placing order.

GB Open: June 12, 2020 – June 30, 2020.

MOQ: Already met at this moment in a small GB, so it’s not a problem

Estimated Delivery: Middle September 2020

Add on explanation

1. Upgrade Brass Plate : US$19.99 (No aluminum plate, but only one brass plate )

2. Extra Brass Plate : US$27.99 (One more brass plate plus aluminum plate / upgrade brass plate)

3. Extra PCB : US$29.99

Pls check and follow Custom name badge (PVD brass, Shiny) guide

1. Leave a note of the name badge option when placing order.

Option A: default letters “KK75”

Option B: custom to letters you want. No extra cost.

Option C: custom to image with extra US$10 (need to add “image name badge to cart”)

Option D: leave name badge blank

2. Send us JPG/PNG file with your order number (Order 8765 for example).

Filename : “Order 8765 custom name badge. jpg”

Email Subject : Order 8765 custom name badge

Email to : leonor@velocifiretech.com

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment. Thanks for everyone’s support!

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This is surprisingly a pretty decent price.

What is the software like?

I was honestly looking forward to this one as the price is great. However there’s just too many things that set off my personal alarms. Maybe its the keycaps that don’t look like they’re from the same set? Or the too glossy white that makes it appear toy-like. It could be the few keys that are way off alignment. I think where these things apart aren’t too much, altogether it’s just past the line for me personally at this price. I sincerely wish you good luck and hope this does fantastic as I genuinely am interested in that fullsize model I’ve seen pics of! :thinking: