[GB] Noxary T60 R2



The Noxary T60 is a extremely simple tray mount case. The main feature is the lack of 2 center posts, creating a more flexible typing experience. This is compatible with the majority of tray mount builds, whether it’s USB C or Mini.

Price: $135

Anodizing Colors:

  • Lightning Silver
  • Hyper Red


  • Compatible with any Tray Mount Build
  • 1 Piece Case Design
  • 4 Post Mount
  • 8° Base Angle
  • 16.5mm Front Height


  • 1 x Aluminum Case
  • 4 x M2 Hex Screws
  • 4 x 3M Bumpons

Group Buy Information:

  • Starts on 5/24 5PM EDT
  • 3 Month Lead Time
  • Limited to 20 Units


Note: This is a PREORDER. Products will be manufactured first, then shipped to you.


Dear sir. How much, please.


Good point lol


Nice, I was thinking about grabbing one of the new Klippes but I like the ideal of no center posts better! I got my ADK64 without a center a post & while that was a complete fail for ALPS based builds, it’s feel great to type on with MX based builds. Not sure why my ALPS64 build felt so wonky in the ADK64, but I have to put it down to the missing center post. I put it in my 5 degree case & it feels great again. I guess ALPS switches just need really stiff setups?


Oof, I missed this already. How fast did it sell out?
EDIT: oh, only 20 units, that’s why.


I don’t think it has opened yet, I believe you should set an alarm for when it does


Just saw, I clearly can’t read.


How much is shipping to US?


$30. Will ship with Royal Mail International Tracked & Signed. Never had a problem, it’s pretty quick and good for the price :grinning:


Nvm, I’m in.


Got in. Hyper Red. :slight_smile:


Got in on a hyper red and plate, but how do I get to post messages on your discord server?


Thanks for joining guys :pray::pray:


I think you need to verify your account with someone like Google Authenticator? Otherwise it should be open for anyone to talk in the lower channels.


Was thinking about joining, but it looks like the plate is sold out while there are still spots for the case. Seems a little weird, or am I missing something?

Also, I’m curious about why you didn’t post this to geekhack, or am I missing something again?


I’m sure that the plates are sold out so quick because people bought several at a time and they had the same max quantity as the cases. Being that they are polycarbonate, 5mm and universal didn’t help the low quality either. They should of had like a limit to the number that you could buy, like 1 plate per case or something.

Sucks for the people that came late to the GB.


They are separate buys. Can buy one or the other (or both).

Didn’t want to promo too much. Lot less spots than usual so no point hyping up for 50 units or whatever.


4 people bought 2, the rest bought 1. I think they hit max after 7 hours, so there was enough of a window at least. That’s another topic anyway!


Wow 7 hours, I thought that they would have sold out way before then. I assumed some one would have loaded up on plates. You don’t see many 5mm polycarbonate plates.

Did a majority of them get purchased with a case?


Got it, Discord does not like google voice phone number :man_shrugging:t4: