[GB] Purple Potato: an all-POM, big-bump tactile

Saw these on Dangkeebs today; a new all-POM tactile customized by AregKeyboard, GB is running until the 27th.

I love the color (as usual) - wouldn’t these just be perfect for a Taro or Phantom build? That said, if I told you I had any idea why this switch exists, I’d be lying.

I’ve yet to try any of the few all-POM tactiles out there, but if they’re anything like Creams, I’d imagine they’ll have lots of… texture with a side of harsh bottom-out. Any of you folks gotten your hands on tactile POM switches? What do you think of them?

Texture / “scratch” isn’t an inherently bad thing - I think it can even be pleasant with the right mixture of other factors (I remember actually kinda liking basic polyamide Kailh switches for their texture), but I don’t exactly see it being sought-after very much, either. Still, I get the impression there’s something to it since the occasional new all-POM switches keep popping up.


wouldn’t these just be a blueberry recolor?

Very well could be, though the description of the bump sounds a little more conventional to me - but of course that’s all nebulous without measurements / images / first hand account. I’d be interested to see the stem on its own, or a force curve graph.

Seems like either a Blueberry recolor or a canary recolor, I’d guess a canary recolor

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