GB runner ghosted me 3 years ago and I discovered they are still operating

I need to vent some frustration with receiving a bad product 3 years ago, being promised a replacement, and then completely being unable to contact them. I thought it was a good ol GB scam.
Imagine my surprise that they are still around and selling the case. On an apparently healthy Etsy store even!

All the frustration from years ago has resurfaced.


I have the Facebook messages still and PMed them with screenshots to prove it.

Should I have pursued it more actively at the time? Probably, but obviously they bear the the majority of the responsibility.

Based on the first reply by them, I’m guessing the language barrier (they are in Vietnam) isn’t communicating the issue well.

Does anyone have advice if I continue to be ignored? Should I give up again? Find someone bilingual to directly translate?

Honestly it’s not worth the fight, but I’m giving it one last kick.

Please help me or share in my bad GB misery lol