[GB] S7.7 QMK PAD Sold Out

S7.7 Pad Album: https://imgur.com/a/NbdNWeg

The standard kit comes with:

Aluminum alloy case*1

Non-hot-swap PCB*1

Storage Box*1


Price: US$99-$109 ( Including Product fee+shipping fee+PP fee). All included when placing order. You will not see any additional shipping fees when checking out.

Limit 100 sets(Only left 18)

GB OPEN: Sep 3rd, 19:00 PDT (GMT+8 10:00 PM) – September 16, 2020

You can buy the S7.7 Pad here . Join our discord server HERE.

Estimated Delivery: Two months after GB end


Aluminum keyboard kit



QMK Software

Keyboard Angle: 8 degrees

Keyboard size: 1256520-30mm

PCB Mounted Stabilizers


Case color: White Grey Silver Black Green Red Purple

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