[GB] Salamander TKL


I’m waiting for people who haven’t paid yet.
The remaining period is three days. After three days, the process begins.



It’s been done in three communities.
I want to manage and respond in one place.

Please use the discode for questions, changes in order contents, and additional orders.
I can answer you as soon as possible.



The application is finished.
Thank you for join.

Hello ! Keebtalk

I am 힝힝홍힝 of KBDLAB, the Korean keyboard community.

PCB will use hineybush product. Not include TX bag and price has been cut down a bit.

It will be held at dawn this (19.02.11) Monday ( 00:00 ). UTC+09:00




-Aluminium 6061 / Polycarbonate (Both Manufactured in South Korea)
-Sandwich mount
-7 Degree angle

Base Kit ($420)
There will be a limit of 20~30 kits due to PayPal withdrawal issues.

Top / Bottom (Aluminium 6061 / Polycarbonate),
STS 304 (Stainless steel) Plate
Polished STS 304 weight
PCB is hineybush’s H87A / Not include tx bag

Color options

Black / Silver / Red / Blue / Pink, Hard brown gray

Plate options

STS 304 / White PBT (+$15) / Black PVC (+$15) / Carbon fiber (+$20)
Alps plates are also available.

Weight options

Polished STS 304 / Gold-plated Brass (+$36)


  • GB will start on February 11
  • FCFS through Google Form.
  • Payment is due as soon as possible after invoices are issued.
  • Estimated as 5 - 6 months


EMS - Ships from Korea
Asia ($35) / Australia ($65) / EU, Canada ($60) / USA ($70)


Color of the final product could different from the picture. Because it is really hard to take a picture color of product by camera
While I will put my best effort in to QC, I cannot guarantee that all boards will be 100% perfect.
Traces of manufacturing may exist where it is not visible when assembled, and small scratches or subtle color differences between top / bottom part may occur during the manufacturing process.
For serious defects, replacements or a full refund could be an option. For minor ones, a partial refund could be offered.
Plate / color options can be changed when the actual GB starts. In this case, I will notify you in advance.

If you have the option you want, please let me know in advance.

Thank you for your valuable time.