[GB] Scarlet Bandana Version IV Mark.2

Pre-orders now open

Pre-orders are now open and will run through August 31st. Delivery estimate is October-November. For more info, visit the website.

Born as a meme, this keyboard is now all grown up into a fully custom premium keyboard. Features include hotswap sockets, a 65% + left macro layout, two-part aluminum top mount case, brass plate, and diffuser for RGB underglow.

Supported Layouts

There are not many options available due to the use of hotswap sockets. Layout choices are limited to a split spacebar option, and and split backspace option.

Limited Edition Release

The limited edition (aka prototype) run is just wrapping up. Be on the lookout for these as they show up on a forum or at a meetup near you.

Ignore the funky keyspacing in this picture. I didn’t have the correct keycaps to fit because they are missing from my set.

Some better shots:


Man this looks really nice - I love the macro rows on the left.

I know the hotswap limits the layout options though - and as an iso user this isn’t available.

Either way I’m sure this will be really successful :slight_smile:


Thanks. I know that there are those out there that like ISO, I’d definitely be open to making a custom plate and PCB at some point. I’m really an ortho user myself, considering making an ortho version too.


I’m liking it a lot. I guess I’ll have to wait to see some more photos to fully understand. So it’s a thick top part with a top mouted plate, a diffuser, and a bottom, right?

Just confused by the prototype b/c it seems to have an extra layer.

Is it possible to assemble w/o the diffuser?

What’s the angle of that base piece?

Yes, the diagram shows the parts. The prototype has bad machining which left a line around the middle of the top piece which is probably what you’re seeing. The angle is 3 degrees. There will be an option for a flat bottom as well.

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flat bottom would be awesome. I feel like it helps me to press the switch straight down instead of on an angle, so it ends up making the switches feel better!

What about non-diffuser? I’m looking for as low of a profile as possible is all.

What on Earth is that split space layout? 3x 2.25u? No wonder you didn’t have keys available to fit it lol

The current design is not possible without the diffuser, but there will be brass or aluminum accents available if you want those instead of the acrylic. As far as making it lower profile, I would have to redesign the base to work without the diffuser layer, but that might be an option.

Layout is 2u, 2.25u, 2u. Granted not all that common for sets to have extras of those. The set I put on it was missing some keys in general though.

Is there any way to change that to like 2u 2.75u 1.5u or something? That would be much easier to find caps for. Though it is likely too late in the process for that sort of change I guess…

The sizes were chosen to avoid overlapping switch positions because of the sockets. I can look into alternatives.

Yeah, that’s what I figured, just gonna be really tough to find caps for :slightly_frowning_face:

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Any chance we can see this with a gmk set on it?


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Been in the waitlist for eternity, am very excited for when it finally drops!!!

Being part of the conception behind the project has been awesome! I’ve never seen something that started as a meme grow into a full blown project that people love. I can’t wait to get my hands on mine! I’ll have mine built just in time to take it to the Seattle Meetup! Some of us that were part of the Prototype team will have ours on display at the meetup! @woodkeys What keyboard is that? :joy:

I’ll have GMK Terminal on mine after I build it this weekend. Will post pics in here. :smile:

Can we get some pics of the actual colors on the pre-sale page? Very interested to see what NASA gold is as well as the tints of the other colors you’re going for.

I don’t see how anyone could order the various colors without getting an idea as to what they’ll look like.

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The colors are shown at the bottom of the page on the website. I don’t have a case made from the NASA gold to get a picture, but it’s in the shot of the sample cards.

Thanks for the pics, just wanted to make sure it looks as good with a gmk set as I imagined.