[GB] Scarlet Bandana Version IV Mark.2


I got one of these and its DOPE.


Yeah this board was one of the reasons why I got into the Alf X3 GB. I might have to get this too though.


On the GB page:

The flat case will reduce the overall weight of the keyboard, but costs a little less since there is less material and less machining.

Shouldn’t that “but” be an “and” since it’s not a counter point?


Depends on your point of view. In my mind making the case lighter is a negative, but it’s balanced by the lower cost. Maybe if you want a more portable board, then having it weigh less and cost less are both positives.


Will the optional aluminum middle piece add any additional height to the board or will it be same size as the diffuser?


What keyboard is that? :joy:


Sorry for the late reply, the aluminum and brass inserts are the same size and function as a replacement for the acrylic diffuser. This is meant as an option for those that don’t want RGB LEDs, but would like to customize their board in some other way. The brass has the benefit of adding over 2lbs of weight to the board as well.


Is an insert a necessary component to finish the board? Will there be clearance issues with the PCB and the bottom case if we don’t get one?


Yes, you need either the acrylic, aluminum, or brass insert. It fills the vertical space to complete the board and is sandwiched between the top and bottom.


Updated the post with the August 31st closing date for pre-orders. Now enjoy some quality pictures courtesy of @jrfhoutx, @tyson522, and /u/HamKenobi.


Only one week to go for pre-orders. Don’t miss it!

Also, launched a giveaway for a full kit! Head on over to the link below and enter to win.


Thanks man! I entered the giveaway :slight_smile:

but lol I fatfingered my phone screen somehow and entered “the fact that it will be available” as the thing I like best about the keyboard :laughing: I meant to put “the fact that it will be available with so many color options for both case and plate” :sweat_smile:


Ha. No worries.


I’m crushing so hard on this board, and all I like are 75% and TKLs. I guess this is pretty much a 75%, just spread!

Where are these being made, and is shipping still TBD or included in the base price?


These are made in the USA. Shipping is calculated at checkout.


Any updates for this GB?


@woodkeys is the keyboard still slated to ship sometime this month? If not, can we get an update :grinning:?


My apologies for not keeping this thread up to date with status. Just gonna copy-paste the entire blurb from my email newsletter that went out last week:

The original plan for these boards was to have them outsourced, but then this opportunity to bring the manufacturing in-house came along. The capability it provides for future products was too great to pass up. It has been a long process to get to where we are today, but I am very excited about the future.

Now, what you’ve been looking for, the production schedule. I will do my best to hold to this schedule, but there is still a chance that unforeseen circumstances will cause delays.

Big Series Aluminum and Brass cases : Milling should be completed by the end of next week and they will go off for anodizing and polishing. This should take an additional week. So these should ship by 11/16, before Thanksgiving. I will be gone the week of Thanksgiving, so if I don’t get them back from anodizing as planned, the will not ship until the following week (11/26).

APX Cases : Production will begin as soon as the Big Series cases are complete, hopefully by the end of next week. The following week will be full-swing production, with a large batch going off for anodizing before Thanksgiving. That means the first orders should begin shipping out around 11/26.

Scarlet Bandana : Production will follow the APX orders, so should begin in early December. I am going to try very hard to get these out by Christmas, but it will be cutting it close.


Any chance there will be extras? I’m kicking myself for missing out on this.


Yes, you can still get in. As long as the website is taking orders (which it currently is) you can order.