[GB] Scarlet Bandana Version IV Mark.2


I got one of these and its DOPE.


Yeah this board was one of the reasons why I got into the Alf X3 GB. I might have to get this too though.


On the GB page:

The flat case will reduce the overall weight of the keyboard, but costs a little less since there is less material and less machining.

Shouldn’t that “but” be an “and” since it’s not a counter point?


Depends on your point of view. In my mind making the case lighter is a negative, but it’s balanced by the lower cost. Maybe if you want a more portable board, then having it weigh less and cost less are both positives.


Will the optional aluminum middle piece add any additional height to the board or will it be same size as the diffuser?


What keyboard is that? :joy:


Sorry for the late reply, the aluminum and brass inserts are the same size and function as a replacement for the acrylic diffuser. This is meant as an option for those that don’t want RGB LEDs, but would like to customize their board in some other way. The brass has the benefit of adding over 2lbs of weight to the board as well.


Is an insert a necessary component to finish the board? Will there be clearance issues with the PCB and the bottom case if we don’t get one?


Yes, you need either the acrylic, aluminum, or brass insert. It fills the vertical space to complete the board and is sandwiched between the top and bottom.


Updated the post with the August 31st closing date for pre-orders. Now enjoy some quality pictures courtesy of @jrfhoutx, @tyson522, and /u/HamKenobi.