[GB]Shark Keyboards - 40% Ortho PCB and Switch/Base Plate Kit

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Thank you for expressing interest in the Shark PCB - a new entry into the 40% ortholinear world that is also Open-Sourced. Why this size/layout? It is my personal favorite type of board to type on, and there is a strong need to chum the water. The Shark project is brought to fruition by Reddit user Gondolindrim_, or Alvaro if you want to get personal. He designed the PCB with the original intent of selling to the Brazilian/South American market since importing from the United States was a hassle. Alvaro and myself were connected through Discord, when I was looking for someone to help me design a PCB with this layout. We’ve been bouncing ideas off each other since a little before Christmas, trying to get this thing right, with the primary goal of offering the community something great.


How The Group Buy Will Work:

My goal is to be as transparent as possible. So I will say that the prices you see are based on production of 100 units. The smaller the production, the higher the cost to both you and me. That is why it is very important that we reach 100 orders. If we do not reach this number, everyone will be refunded.


-100 PCB’s

-100 Basic Kits (Switch Plate and Base Plate sold together)


Technical Info and Features:

  • ARM Cortex M4-based STM32F303 processor.

  • QMK firmware compatible (will be shipped with default firmware pre-flashed).

  • USB Type C.

  • RGB Under-glow through intelligent integrated controller WS2812B LEDs.

  • Full-Grid, One 2U or double 2U space-bar layouts supported.

  • 19mm center to center key spacing.

  • Rotary encoder locations at bottom left/right of PCB. Single use only.

  • Push button reset.

  • Over-current and over-voltage input protection through a fuse and schottky diode.

  • Electrical Static Discharge (ESD) protection through a discharge net.

  • Able to be mounted into other cases not sold by Shark.

  • Additional information and licensing available on the GitHub page.

Switch Plate:

  • Designed to be used with the Basic Kit, and a future aluminum case.

  • Will fit other 19mm 40% ortho plates/cases not sold by Shark.

Basic Kit:

  • Switch Plate and Base Plate made from FR4, sandwich style, in blue.


  • PCB - $45.

  • Basic Kit (MX Switch Plate/Base Plate) - $12

  • USPS First Class Shipping - $5 (cost based on single PCB/Basic Kit)

  • Worldwide Shipping Cost - $15 (cost based on single PCB/Basic Kit)

Estimated Production and Quality Check Times After 100 Orders Placed (these times run concurrent):

  • PCB production and assembly - 3 to 4 weeks.

  • Basic Kit (switch plates and base plate) - 2 weeks.

  • QC of PCB’s and firmware flashing - 1 weekend or spread throughout a week depending on my schedule.

If Errors Occur in Assembly:

While I cannot guarantee all PCB’s will be delivered to me without issue, I will do my best to rectify whatever situation might arise. If components are faulty or not soldered properly, I will contact the assembler for repair/replacement. Last resort will be to refund the customer if a repair/replacement timeline is longer than someone is willing to wait.

TL;DR Version:

  • Hit 100 orders of PCB and Basic Kit.

  • Invoice customers.

  • QC and flash the PCB’s.

  • Ship.

  • Everyone have fun.

Other necessary threads:

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I’m a 5x12 ride or die kind of guy, so I probs wont join, but I wish you the best of luck! I’m glad to see this ortho option coming to GB.


PCB seems a bit expensive, but that’s because the microcontroller and diodes and resisters and LEDs are all included and presoldered, right?

Since it is a fully completed, SMD component board, the pricing is a little more expensive than a bare, through-hole type board.

For comparison, the Planck which is sold by OLKB is $50 but never readily available.

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Aluminum Case and switch plates now available.

Bumping this. Please visit our own subreddit for more info!