[GB] SU Keyboard Bag (for 60/65% keyboards)

Pretty cool padded bags for a pretty good price!

4 colors: M90 (camo), Pink, Gray, and Black.
Price: $19.90 + Shipping ($10 + $2.50 for each following bag)
GB end: March 31, 2020

Grabbed myself an m90 and Pink one!


Pink one is tempting ngl


Couldn’t resist a gray one for my work keeb. I’ve been in the market for a new bag, so this came at just the right time.

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Thanks for posting this. Just ordered the M90 Camo case

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No worries! I’m just glad there are more options for keeb cases and wanted to share with y’all!

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This design is actually very nice. I picked up a black one and a pink one.

Any idea on shipping date?

If you had read the post then you would’ve known. “Delivery : use EMS,within 45 days after GB end.”

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Has anyone received there’s yet? I just remembered I bougth this hahaha

Received mine a while ago. Located in europe.

Nice! Hopefully I get mine soon then

Yep - got mine last week I think.

Mine has been stuck for a long time, I think I saw lots of other people are in the same position on the discord.

ahhh okay, thanks I got tracking info at the end of May but still hasn’t updated. Hopefully, we’ll get word on them soon!

Ya. I got this bag, but I’ve had a mouse and switch stems stuck for like a month now.

I got a shipping notice for my cases on May 13 and still haven’t received anything. I’ve sort of been trying not to think about it, but when I checked the tracking number today it shows that it’s been in San Francisco since June 11. Anyone else in a similar position?

Mine hasn’t even updated…

Just received mine. Living in the Midwest of USA

Mine sat at the port where it arrived in the country for about two weeks. I’ve had one or two other things shipped from overseas be similarly held-up.

Still unchanged:

Processed Through Facility: GUANGZHOU EMS CHINA

Status updated May 17