[GB] SU Keyboard Bag (for 60/65% keyboards)

Same. I read through the discord and it said that the original batch of bags is being held up by EMS (don’t know the exact reason for this)

I also saw that the second batch of bags to go out were sent by EMS and are slowly being received. So I don’t really know what’s going on

Mine came in this afternoon. They feel quite nice actually. Higher-end than you would think for the price. The material feels more like soft vinyl or something rather than canvas, but it’s nice. The pink one in particular is quite attractive IMO. It may not come through in the photo, but the metal parts are all gold in color. Mine does seem to have a couple of faint stains on it though.


oof looks beautiful! Still waiting on mine, but i saw someone on discord updating that their package started moving again!

Ha, I kind of regret not getting two - those do look great.

I kinda regret not getting at least 1 -_-


Waiting on mine. Gonna toss my Space65 Cybervoyager in it when that arrived later on.