[GB] The Ergodox 76 “Hot Dox” now available on Kono.Store!



I’d love to get just the PCBs, without the sandwich cases. Would that be possible as well? Since I don’t need/want the cases, ~$150 is a bit much.


Hey elguey,

It will support thru hole LEDs but that would effectively make it not capable of hot swapping switches as you would have to feed them through the switches themselves. But the PCB does support the LEDs.


Hey McPeanutbutter,

We are planning on selling components of the kit once we receive the bulk order, currently estimated to arrive in March.

I will be sure to let you know when we have them available for sale, thanks for your question!


There was some talk above when it came to releasing case files and tenting kits. Any word on the tenting kit front?