[GB] the Norbaforce Mark II

Whoa. That brass rear cover weight actually pairs really well with this finish, to my surprise–an all-metallic build. Love it.

PS: Shoot me an email if you need help getting one of those screws. Sorry if the box was short one!


I love the combo, too! I picked up this 55g Anniversary Edition while I was in Korea and opted for the Hangul keycaps. Now the arduous journey of picking a custom cable to go with it begins. I’ll shoot you an email for the one PCB screw. I had plenty of smaller screws and was thinking “did I forget how to put one of these together?” lol

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That’s so pretty. I wouldn’t expect gold with silver to come out so well. Reminds me of Daft Punk:


Thank you! I love the sudo-80s techno chic look, too!

Got the last screw in today and got everything aligned and torqued down:


So sad I missed the Veracity Steel cases :frowning:

Veracity Steel finish looks so good! I will have to wear gloves to use it if I had one.

Since the rear cover is out of stock on Norbauer’s store. I have one Brushed gold rear cover unused. Brought it before the MkII GB, not knowing MkII comes with a steel cover. PM me if anyone interested.

Another thing, I designed a U2U that fits Norbaforce housing, so it can be programed without external usb2usb. PCB for Realforce R1 is on its way to me, will report back how it goes. In the meantime, let me know if anyone interested.


very cool!

Here’s a quick look at something I haven’t seen yet in this thread: my Norbaforce R2 has the Retro Refrigerator finish in the revised, more matte-look coating. Evidently, the success rate on the glossy finish was just too low, so the decision was made to switch to this more textured look.

It’s not the glossy finish I hoped to receive, but it’s still a stellar product. The new finish is pretty nice, too, with a bit of a robin’s eggshell vibe. Might be interesting to see to those of you who haven’t seen it yet.


Did the color change in the revision too? Looks a little more green (as opposed blue-green) with a little more gray? I like the textured look. It’s visually more interesting than just a flat surface, but how does it feel to the touch, rough or smooth?

Super excited to build this up <3


I doubt the color changed, tam, but I don’t have an example of the older Retro Refrigerator coating to compare. I will tell you that the light in this room is pretty yellow, due to the LED lights. Even though I tried to use a some natural light and custom white balance setting in the camera, the colors came out a bit more green than blue in these shots. I suspect this coating would look more blue in more neutral lighting.

The color is the same. By my eye, the photo above has a fairly strong yellow color cast to it.

I think @Damage put it well by saying that it has a sort of soft eggshell feel to it. It feels fairly smooth but not glossy.

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Hi, just wondering if I missed the restock email for Norbaforce MK II :frowning: hope not!

Not yet. I’m still waiting on the final small batch of powder coated Norbaforces from the factory, which will fulfill the balance of my original order. They continue to be under-staffed related to COVID, so the latest update is 2-3 weeks for these straggler housings I plan to get back. When I do have those in stock, I’ll definitely send an email to my list. I expect they’ll likely be K2, VHS, and perhaps a few of the matte Retro.

Nice, that’s a great picture, looks like it could be a product photoshoot. It kind of reminds me of metal housings on old vintage electronics equipment, but in a nicer color than just black.

Thanks, @tam … just wish I could have gotten the white balance a bit better. Here’s a larger shot of the whole board. Same lighting, though.


I hadn’t thought about there being more units available. Now I’m excited to try to score a retro finish. Still kicking myself for not getting that desert sand one, too. Such a unique finish.

@Damage This is probably a bit more representative: