[GB] the Norbaforce Mark II

Just a quick update here on my proposed idea to swap the stabilizers (and sliders) from the R2 RGB into the 87U…
While I don’t have the R2 RGB on-hand just yet, I’m quite sure that (similar to the NovaTouch mod) you’ll have to file the LEFT CONTROL portion of the plate in order to properly secure the stabilizer housing (from the R2 RGB).

So, I’ve decided to play it safe to avoid imperfections. Instead, I’ve opted to perform the dome swap from the 87U (55g) into the R2 RGB in hopes of achieving that “87U feel.”

Besides, looking back on that idea now only makes me regret considering it in the first place. I would hate to do such a thing to the 87U (referring to filing the plate just to fit a housing).

Does that seem like a total cop-out?

Argh. Topre. It’s always one tiny little difference that blows up the whole thing. :expressionless: I so wish they would converge on more standard components and designs across their products.

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I mentioned this above, but I had to snip notches in all the domes to let the R2 LEDs shine through.

Annoyingly, the domes were in originally in sheets, but I couldn’t find a good way to punch holes without separating the sheets into individual domes. That makes it a lot more tedious.

After my first reassembly post dome swap, I had one single dome slightly out of place and had to take it apart and reassemble again.

I swear working on topre boards is much, much more annoying than just soldering a normal PCB…

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I’m a big fan of Norbauer’s work. Obviously I’m in for the GB, but help! I am struggling to finalise my pick.

I have a Black on Black FC660C in a Norbauer Royal Wrinkle Heavy-6 :smiley:. For the Norbaforce, I want to go light. I am going to track down an 87U or R2 in Ivory. The question is which finish to pair it with?

Varacity doesn’t do it for me (not the cost but the look, i’d definitely like the weight). I am between Aperture, VHS and K2 - probably in that order. Any views on which would work best with the Ivory?

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Thanks for the kind words and support @TGoo3e!

If you (or anybody) wants an all-steel housing in one of the powder-coat finishes, just let me know and I can arrange a bespoke item for that. I agree that Aperture and VHS are excellent finishes that would pair well with the ivory caps; it just depends on whether you want a dark or lighter look. I mildly prefer those two over K2 only because the two-tone textures are more interesting/unusual. I realize that doesn’t help though. :man_shrugging: :blush:

You just had to go throw the Varacity bespoke finish option in there - bait that hook and reel it in! :laughing:

I am much more inclined towards Aperture and VHS due to their distinctiveness. I am now thinking VHS to provide a greater contrast to existing Heavy-6. One has to think of achieving a balance in the family photo!


Just curious, what are the top 3 finishes so far?

I think any of those would be great pairings with Milkshake!


i thought i was already settled on Veracity steel. now thinking about a powder-coated version :exploding_head:

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Damn! I am sold to the idea of buying a Norbaforce Mark II (will be my first topre !), but can’t get my mind on which finish to choose from. I joined KAT milkshake groupe buy recently and I think I will pair this keyset with it. So globally I narrow it down to VHS vs Retro Refrigerator … Or maybe Veracity Steel (my bank account will cry). K2 would look nice but too “classical” compare to other insanely good looking finish!

Edit: I am feeling reason is failing me and I want this Veracity Steel finish :scream:



Out of curiosity, do the LEDs protrude from the PCB? I’m assuming so, otherwise I wouldn’t bother with cutting notches into each individual dome for the sake of lighting.

That does sound pretty annoying, gotta’ be honest… might end up just using the 55g domes I just pulled from my 87u in my Heavy-6 build then. Hmm. The R2 RGB is a uniform 45g layout, correct?

I don’t remember if they protruded. I remember thinking the domes would probably seat correctly and work without snipping the notches. But I haven’t tried it.

Once the Mark IIs arrive, I am planning on doing a dome swap on my second R2 RGB to use the variable domes I have in my daily driver 87u Norbaforce Mark I. I may try covering the RGBs on that one since it will be even more annoying to separate and keep track of variable weight dome sheets.

Yes, R2 RGB is uniform 45g.

I’ll likely add some Deskeys in for my Mark II build, considering I love how the “low-noise” FC660C sounds inside the Heavy-6. Have you used any silencing rings in your R2 by chance?

No, haven’t tried silencing rings. I tried the BKE Ultra Light domes and didn’t like those (I thought the bottom out was harsher). I had a PFU limited with the factory silent sliders, seemed to me the travel was shorter and I didn’t like that. (I’m kinda persnickety :slight_smile: )

Sidebar: The R2 bottom row is 3 x 1.25u | 6.25u | 4 x 1.25u, right? I’m only asking because recently I’ve had trouble sourcing a center-stemmed 6u for my NovaTouch’d FC660C, so frankly, it will be nice to have less of a headache when considering key cap sets with the R2.

Yup that’s right

Just bought a VHS finish! Excited to see it in person some day


Thanks for supporting the project!

For anyone else who hasn’t picked one up yet, we’re down to the final few days, with the GB ending this week. If any questions or anything I can help with, I’m at your disposal. :slight_smile: