[GB] the Norbaforce Mark II

I like this idea a lot

These would probably be the most versatile, but I dig Aerospace too.

I second this - Enigma and K2 is the way to go IMO. A poly-carb housing for all the GOCF out there would be a nice treat, but I understand the additional technical and logistical challenges this may incur.

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My vote from the options would also be for Enigma and K2.

… but my true feelings are for Aperture and VHS, because they are such ‘discoverable’ finishes—every time you look, it almost feels like you see something new or see it fresh, once again. One can dream!

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i’m with baton on that not to mention i eventually probably will cave on an aperture Norbathing, thanks to heavy grail video

I would definitely buy an Aperture numpad. Probably 2.

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I didn’t realize it until now, but I do need one in Aperture

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To be honest, I’ve been holding off on buying a 23u until a Norbauer housing existed for it :sweat_smile:

I think the Aerospace/Tactical & Engima/K2 would be the way to go as well (with my secret dream being a polycarb edition :pray:)


yeah actually on second though please don’t make it in aperture, I don’t need to need another thing.

I wanted to follow up on my original post and show my appreciation to Ryan and the rest of the Norbauer team (AJ/Jared). I emailed them when my package was lost to see if I could purchase a new set. (This was before Ghost of Christmas went back on sale) – Without even hesitating, the team offered to send me the entire kit (I even offered to pay for it) without asking for a dime.

The Norbauer brand + people make this community such a thrill to enjoy together. I just wanted to share my thoughts and again my gratitude to them for doing this.



I’m just putting it out there… veracity steel numpad would be amazing.