[GB] Tind Series I - 60% Gasket Keyboard

I don’t wanna try raffles really cause I cant take the chance of luck followed by depression, BUT DAMN THAT LOOKS NICE!

oh man, the new GMK Birch in IC would look awesome on the Ultramarine!


Tind raffle is live.


Hey i filled in the raffle Form before i signed up on your website. I hope that doesnt disqualify me.
Anyhow when will the raffle be drawn. Or is it already decided?

Did you read carefully? :wink:

Just got off work and found out that I won! I’m so happy


much grats!

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No, that did not disqualify you.


I have sent out all the winning and losing mails.
If you haven’t got one, contact support@mekanisk.co.

Unpaid spots will be reraffeled from the losers list.

Thank you so much!

I’ve added this to my collection of Keycult losing emails.


Starting redraws slowly today(as they come in), and will continue tomorrow. There are only 1 so far.

I think I’ve lost 4 or 5 raffles in the last 30 days. Feels bad man.

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I took so many Ls over the weekend. I feel the pain.

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If it makes you guys feel better, I didn’t even have the courage to enter raffles.


Interesting, I was about to get a copper plate for another board of mine. Would you happen to have sound tests of the different plates? Curious to see how carbon fiber sounds against the metal.

Well, carbon will always be more muted than any metal…

Seems like i deleted my message:
I am doing some in-depth testing of the Tind. Since the plate is totally isolated, the plate is super important to sound.

The copper plate plate feel great and clacky, but in certain configurations it can produce a light metallic sound on hard bottom outs (almost pinging), this is especially true for unlubed switches. The same goes for brass, but in a much lesser degree. Carbon fiber does not have this issue. Most of you already chose carbon fiber as the plate material.

If you want to change plate to carbon fiber, or make any other changes, please reply to your order confirmation.
Keep in mind that all plates will be for sale so you can just buy a new plate after you have tested for yourself.

Thank you!


oof I got a copper plate. Hopefully I can reduce the pinging!

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Take some silicone sealant and apply in the center of the plate (underside obviously) in a slightly thick layer and let dry. Helps with ping and is removable whenever needed without residue. Experimented recently. Need to check if copper would be affected though.

I checked and it doesn’t seem that copper and silicone would react readily. There are copper and silicone compounds however, and I can’t say anything about copper being stained or marked by the silicone. So please don’t try right now till I can say for sure. Don’t want your nice new plate destroyed cause an idiot on the internet told you.

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thanks for this! keep me posted on your tests!