[GB] Weave Deskmats

Group buy for the Weave pattern deskmat is live till October 31st.

Geometric pattern designed to go well many desk setups, and provide a nice backdrop. Offered in two variations.


Black & Gray




These remind me of the days when the average Windows desktop wallpaper was a small image, tiled many times. None of them quite this stylish, though.

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Thank you! I remember doing a lot of tiling back in the day, used to be very big into theming Windows =P

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Aha, I just noticed how you used your logo in the tile design. Neat. Almost like a autostereogram. I’m in.

It’s more of an up and down when viewed directly (weaved throughout), but yeah kind of looks like the letter s when angled, not intentional, but hey :smiley:

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Why nobody wants to do smaller sizes deskmats like Rama does?

Sold smaller mats on Novel Keys and MKeu for close to a year

Then… I missed it.
We are talking about 600x250 or close right?

Oh man, that’s really nice and understated. I must now decide if I need another deskmat on the way.

Last couple of days for GB :slight_smile:

Very nice pattern, especially in blue

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If anyone is interested. Nice work @Sour as always.