[GB] Wooden Wrist Rest


With our saying: “Do something for your keyboard,” not only Artisan keycaps, we now offer a new product made by The Eye Key - the wooden wrist rest, with high-tech wood processing and the best quality will give you the comfort of for hours when putting your precious hands on the wrist rest.

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VIEW FULL IMAGE - Album Wooden Wrist Rest: https://imgur.com/a/Bq9Iwly <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< HERE

  • Specifications:
  • Material: Resin + Oak wood
  • Finishing of 5 surfaces at p600 smoothness, p3000 main surface, hand-made completely sanded.
  • dimension: A x 75 x 16/12mm
    About A: - A = 300mm (60%)
    - A = 320mm (68%)
    - A = 360mm (TKL)
    - A = 390mm (96%)
    - A = 440mm (Full size)
  • Content:
  • GB time: 10/22/2018 - 10/25/2018
  • Expected delivery time: 6 weeks - If the quantity is bigger than expected, we will repeat 1 weeks.
  • International shipping: 20$/each
    - Shipping Combo: 30$/ 2each
    - +5$/+each
    (delivery time: 10 to 40 days)
  • Payments With Paypal.

Email: luongthuongnguyen@gmail.com

Thank for your interested


Nice looking wrist rests! Would it be possible to order a custom design with resin infill in the future?


That is possible, this is my first time doing wrist rest, I will develop them in the future

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What is the hight of the front side?

I have recorded their highest and lowest dimensions, 16 / 12mm