[GB] Yui40 40% Group Buy

[GB closed, 6 applications were found, order has already been placed with factory]

Hello all, I am launching my Yui40 40% keyboard group buy. The full page on the GB can be found at this url: https://www.sircheddar.com/yui40

Limit to 6 units (3 remaining now)
Customer doesn’t pay until production completed & ready to ship to customer
4 Color Options (Grey, Silver, Black, Pink)
PCB is AMJ40 (I already have these in stock/on-hand)
Price 275 USD including shipping to US/EU/Asia/Aus/Israel (and probably other places)


Could you possibly release the DXF file for the bottom so I can have one cut from acrylic? That way I can have underglow like a 40% Extent?

Hey, I don’t think that I want to release the files just yet. However, if you do decide to enter, I can build and have made an acrylic bottom for you. It should be a very reasonable price based on my local supplier and I can test fit it before sending it off to you.

sircheddar! long time no see. good to see you’re back at it. You should come say hi in the 40% discord.

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Evan! I have a pretty crazy story that has a connection to you… but about the 40% discord, i’ve been in here recently quite a bit. the 40% discord is really open to creativitiy and very helpful. it’s a great place to be.

Oh do tell!