G'day, I'm Wilba


I’ve been lurking around the mechanical keyboard community since 2014, mostly designing PCBs for custom keyboards, but also cases as well. I designed the PCBs for OLKB (Planck, Atomic, Preonic), Carpe Keyboards (JD45, JD40 MkII), Zeal PC (Zeal60, Zeal65), Rama Works (M6-A, M60-A, M10-B, U80-A). I designed the Zephyr case and PCB, which after over a year of designing, revising, scrapped prototypes and much collaboration with Zeal, is now finally in people’s hands, and I’m relieved that it has been so well received.

2018 has been and continues to be a big year… Zephyr and Rama Works M60-A being run, Rama Works U80-A (the fatboi) coming soon, and PCB commissions for Pwner’s Xeno 75, Zambumon’s Verne and KeyCult’s No.2 in the pipeline. Plus there’s Zeal60 rev 4 to do, and maybe I’ll get around to designing a new case. Lots to do, not enough time…

I put up a website showing some of the stuff I’ve done here: wilba.tech

I also hang out on Discord so hit me up for a chat, I don’t mind the distraction.



Glad to see you here, my friend. Always great to have some of the community’s best minds around.


stellar resume, glad to have you on board


Glad you are here and back in the Top Clack discord.

No one is better at troubleshooting PCB and other related issues.

Also can you design all the PCB’s please that would be great :slight_smile:


Oh my, Keycult’s No 2.

Welcome, Wilba! Your work deserves all the praise in this community and for this we thank you.


Wilba! I love your designs so damn much.