Saw this on Cannonkeys today and was intrigued by the design and price. The top bezel reminds me TX’s design language. Thoughts?

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I’ve been following the IC for the short time since it’s launch, and after watching Apiary’s and Alex’s build streams, I decided to pick up a white/copper kit. I like the bezel design and while nothing revolutionary in the gasket mount realm, it should feel and sound good. It also has a lot of foam options to tailor the board to your liking. Not to mention the low price point (for a 2021 custom that is). I think the green anno looks the best, but it would be a bit too limiting to keycap choice for my collection.


I dig me some two-tone. I’m in, fo sho.

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yea… the white/copper and black/copper is quite nice. and the price point is reasonable. i probably won’t join but if i were to, i’d go black/copper


I grabbed the Grey&Silver option. This board ticked a lot of boxes for me. I like the little flair around the top bezel, I don’t have a gasket board yet, the price is good, and the default option included a plastic plate.

It was really nice to be able to grab a board and pay the base price without feeling like I would rather have/need something that is offered as an add-on.