【GIVEAWAY】Starting pre-sale this month! Giving away 2 TES68!

Hey guys! Allow me to bring your attention to NuPhy TES68, a switch tester kit with a beautiful retail price of $19.95.

We hope that TES68 will encourage people to make use of their extra switches and keycaps. Once connected to the switches and keycaps of your choice, TES68 can be used as a keyboard.

Works page: TES68 | NUPHY®
Product page: TES68 Switch Tester Kit at $19.95 | NuPhy®

To celebrate the pre-sale this month! We would like to give away 2 TES68!

All kits include:

1 x 65% ABS case

1 x Aluminium plate

1 x Silicon dampening pad

1 x Hotswap PCB, Bluetooth 5.0 & 2.4G (125hz) support

3 x 2u + 1 x 6.25u Plated mounted stabilizers

4 x Silicon feet

1 x 2.4G receiver

Note(1): This kit does not include mechanical switches and keycaps. Please purchase them separately. The switches and keycaps in the photos are for display only.

Note(2): This kit does not support wired-connection between the kit and your devices. You must insert two AAA batteries into the battery compartment of TES68 to power it and use Bluetooth or 2.4G wireless to connect it to your device.

To enter the giveaway, visit the thread on https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/q3tysf/giveawaystarting_presale_this_month_giving_away_2/

Prize: a Tes68, with switches and keycaps
Start date: Oct. 6th
End date: Oct. 26th

Drop me your opinions or questions in the comments!

IG: https://www.instagram.com/nuphy.studio/
Discord: NuPhy® Studio

Thanks! Wish you guys good luck!

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The asking price of this keyboard is mind-bogglingly low! Are you able to share how you managed this?

Gotta agree with @batonnoir

How in da heck are you selling this kit for so little? how much is shipping? lol

This looks a lot like the Tester68 / KBM68 / GK68 I got in the mail a few days ago - except it has a much more fun color for the case.

From my understanding, you can source these for like $15 a pop on TaoBao, so it looks like a handful of vendors are offering this or that instance / variation on the design.

I’d bet that PCB says “Tester68” right under the spacebar.

Edit: some RAMA vibes going on there pretty strong… reminds me a lot of the Kara renders in a similar color.

Edit 2: Aye, reading the product page confirms this is a version of that same unit - same OEM, CIY. I do have to say this one squeezes out a lot more style for your dosh.

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I’m certainly all for democratisation, but I suppose I’m mad with curiosity about the economics of this model / PCB, especially since a pattern is now emerging! It’s also so interesting to me that this is wireless only; it seems to run against so much of what is usual in the mechanical keyboard space.

By the way, nothing against NuPhy – I’ve pre-ordered the Air75 and look forward to receiving it.

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