GMK Nautilus Nightmares


Nautilus Nightmares takes place in the same universe as Nautilus, so it can technically be considered as a spin-off of Nautilus. The idea for this set surged some months ago, when Novelkeys shared with me their Nautilus deskmat’s design which portraits a giant cephalopod moments before its confrontation with Captain Nemo’s ship. It’s such a great design that some time after sharing it with me, I just asked if they could do a green version of it, and that’s when this new keycap project started.

Given how I’ve set up the kits, ideally I’d like to have the set dropping on Massdrop so if you are interested, don’t forget to vote for your favorite kits!

Proposed kits

Nautilus Nightmares’ kits are slightly different than the rest of GMK sets and they have been specifically designed for medium and big group buys.

The Core kit is the starting point for everyone, as it provides great coverage for most people. You might have noticed that compared to other standard GMK base kits, Nautilus Nightmares have a smaller one, composed by only 128 keycaps, as ISO and numpad support have been moved to extension kits. The result is a Core that costs less, making it more accesible for the vast majority of people which then means that it would be more prone to reach new price tiers faster.

The kit includes dark gray Escape and Enter keys, dark green pipe and tilde, 1.75, 2.00, and 2.25 extra shifts; three extra spacebars in 6.00 (both center stem and off-center) and 7.00U sizes, 65% and 75% dedicated keys, stepped caps lock and control, scooped and barred homing keys, as well as HHKB R4 coverage with 1.50 Code keys.

A second R2 1.50U Tab key has also been included on this kit. This eccentric addition allows you to potentially reuse some of your extra modifiers on another keyboard. For instance, you’d be able to cover a standard ANSI TKL keyboard and reuse the extra modifiers on an HHKB layout.

With Nautilus Nightmares’ Core you’ll be able to cover keyboards such as Nemo, Tokyo60, M60-A, TX60, Pok3r, Tokyo66, Zephyr, Kuyo, Canoe, TX65, Massdrop ALT, Clueboard, FC660, Singa, Octagon, Verne, TX-84, Massdrop CTRL, or the Masterkeys S.

Extension kits

The first of Nautilus Nightmares’ extension kits provides UK ISO layout coverage and it comes with two ISO Enter keys (one of them in the accent color), and an extra R1 1.00U for symmetry purposes.

The Numpad kit consists of 30 keys and aside standalone numpads, it extends Core’s layout coverage to 1800 layouts (Andromeda, TX-CP, Duck Jetfire), 96-key (Duck Lightsaver, Red Scarf III), and fullsized keyboards (Q100, Southpaw, Masterkeys L).

The kit includes an extra R1 for standalone numpads, accent Enter, Escape, and Num Lock keys; and scooped and barred homing keycaps.

Composed by just 23 keycaps, the 40s kit is enough to extend Core’s coverage for forty percent keyboards such as Planck, JD40, Minorca, Sebright, Percebe or Preonic and split spacebar keyboards such as TGR Alice or VE.A.

Note: depending on how much interest is on this set, accent keys might be added. Also note that by the time this set reaches the Group Buy stage, 2.25U and 2.75U R4C spacebars might be available

A set of extra modifiers for your bottom row and enter key with custom symbols. It features the iconic Nautilus submarine, sea vortex novelties, and a pair of tridents.

Note: depending on how much interest is on this set, more novelties might be added.

This kit consists of a set of dark gray spacebars, ranging from 1.00 to 7.00 unit keycaps. Ideal for those who want an extra splash of color on their keyboard.

Note: by the time this set reaches the Group Buy stage R4C 2.25 and 2.75 unit keycaps might be available.

Keyboard Gallery












Technical specs

  • High quality 1.5mm thick doubleshot keycaps, with legends that will never fade.
  • Original Cherry Corp. profile, ideal for long typing sessions.
  • Compatible with MX style switches.
  • Made in Germany by GMK Electronic Design GmbH.


Nautilus Nightmares isn’t an exception when it comes to extras and here is a teaser of what we’ve got prepared for you.

Novelkeys Nautilus Nightmares Deskpad

These deskpads are a must have. Designed by Novelkeys, they will be the perfect companion for your Nautilus Nightmares set.


  • 900×400×4mm (35.4×15.7×0.16 inches)
  • Rubber bottom
  • Cloth top
  • Stitched edges

Verne: Nautilus Nightmares Edition

What better to have the perfect setup by having matching keycaps, deskmat, and even your keyboard. What about a limited edition of a Nautilus Nightmares themed Verne made to match the set?

Thanks for your time!


I feel like I dipped into the Emerald Dream


Loving the rich colours here. Green is rarely done but it’s done so well here!


Nice, feels kind of Bioshocky to me ! Also: news on the nemo ? Also: the Tokyo66 is a thing ?


Nemo: currently reworking it to be a sandwich mount.
Tokyo66: it’s a real thing.


I kinda have to say no to this. The renders are not helping imo but to me it looks like you took random keycap set named X and sprayed it with moss poop. Now this may come over more rude than I mean it, so don’t be offended :slight_smile: My opinion is just one random dude on internet :wink:

My opinions aside, it may be easier to “judge” the colors when they’re not surrounded by green everywhere as well. (As in, green keyboard, green background, etc.)


Reminds me of a t-shirt I have. I love it!


Neat, the desk mat is sick also.


/me sips some absinthe


+1. I am really intrigued by the color scheme but with all the matching background and case colors it almost looks like a filter was put on the pictures (except for the ones with dark grey cases of course).

Would very much like to see the renders with different backgrounds and non-green lighting


Some quick examples of light and dark grey cases with the set


There’s no green lighthing on the scene and the background, it’s the exact same lighting setup that I’ve used for Chocolatier, Samurai Blue, and Serika.


Makes sense. Otherwise the grey cases wouldn’t be grey! Thanks for the additional renders!


I really dig it! When I saw it, I IMMEDIATELY thought it was GMK Mint Dolch.


Muted green on green. Pass. Yawn. Bored. Not my cup of tea.


Input. Also, have the OG Nautilus, so take this for whatever it’s worth. Sorry to harsh.


I think it looks great. Need to see samples to ensure the legends pop as well as they do in the renders though.


I think this looks dope AF, made cooler by the potential availability (as compared to GMK Nautilus, which I have had no success acquiring). I agree that I’d want to see a real-world sample first, but pairing this with the desk mat seems like it’d make an epic desk set-up.


I never knew that I needed a green set.


This is why I was a little hesitant with having “Nautilus” on the name of this set. Having the word “Nautilus” in there will catch people’s attention, and while that’s intentional, it has some negative impact, as it will also cause comparisons between this set and Nautilus and comments such as “this isn’t Nautilus, why don’t you just run Nautilus!”. Just to answer your request of rerunning Nautilus:

Unlike Nightmares, Nautilus doesn’t really need an interest check. We already know that there’s interest for the set, just check the drop over 3K people that have requested it. In fact, there’s such interest for this set to the point that two companies (and not any random Chinese companies) have made their knockoff of it.

Nautilus has all the odds for a comeback and I’m working hard for that to happen. Making new sets and keyboards in the meantime isn’t really going to change Nautilus’ return and more specifically when I want the set to return.


Could be a “Call of Cthulhu” set, ya know