GMK Olive


Tasteful! I’m looking forward to seeing it when you take it live.

I love that you design colorways that look good with common keyboard color anodizations.


need pimpientos morrones accent caps. the red little pepper int he middle where the pit would be on a jar of olives.

this is the best looking set i have ever seen btw great job.


This dank




Definitely would be in


GMK Olive on Sage Koyu. That would be epic. Very nice and clean set, Olivia.


Is this going to move forward at all? Olive Drab is my favorite color!


I’d also love to see this happen (would look awesome on Sage Koyu for sure!)


Based on current and upcoming keyset group buys, I think it makes the most sense to start it in Q1 2019. Once I have a more concrete date, I’ll let you all know :slight_smile: Thank you so much for the kind words and support!!


I am definitely interested in this can’t wait till it drops


@olivia we halfway through Q1 :smiley: We olive you.


Damn girl!! It looks amazing


This set speaks to me quietly yet emphatically. I will join the group buy on the first day.


Created an account just to follow this :eyes:


Any news yet @olivia? Almost the end of Q1. :grinning:




Yes! Love it

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