☕ Good Morning, I'm UltimaQ

How would you like your coffee?
I prefer an light roasted set of beans coarsely ground and brewed using a Chemex with the natural filters and 190F degree water. It’s something that wakes me up and helps me face the morning.
Coffee is becoming a big hobby of mine as of late and its quite refreshing having a morning routine. That being said keebs has a strong grasp on the number one spot and refuses to let go.

I am “relatively” new to the whole keyboard game. Currently the only board I have is a Preonic with Tealios and some Zeals for modifiers and Miami Nights. At work, however; I use a Microsoft Ergo curve keyboard that’s an alright rubber dome keeb that teaches me to be grateful for what I have at home.

A bit of my history:

I first learned about keyboards when I got a WASD v2, ISO variant, with Cherry Blacks 2 years ago. I had decided that I needed a mechanical keyboard since I was midway into college and I just passed my second year with moderate grades. After I received the keyboard I started to notice that it was a bit tough for me to use it consistently for a while. I started to look at other switches and started to fall down a deep hole.
After some lurking on MechMarket and r/mk, I purchased a Let’s Split with some Gateron switches. It worked well and I discovered the joys of QMK and Ortho layout. I started to fall deeper into the hole and learned about Jack and OLKB and I wanted more.
I traded in the Let’s Split for a Planck and fell in love. I re-soldered the board with some Tealios and Zealios 67g switches and it felt fantastic.
So currently you could say that Tealios are my favorite switches. That being said I am looking at getting some Cream switches and slapping them in the new Boardwalk (Ergo60) when that comes in! I’m also planning on lubing them for the first time and maybe even spring swapping if possible.

Anyway, I love being apart of this community. The keyboard community has taught me so many things and has given me an amazing hobby to enjoy.

Happy Clacking~!


Welcome to the community! :metal:

If pour over: Kenyan AA medium roast, Japanese style iced. Hario V60 straight onto the ice.
Espresso I like to try a lot of different beans and roasts, pretty much always switching it up.

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Welcome here! Maybe we need to start a coffee thread! I have been doing V60 everyday for over a year now but like the chemex for bigger batches.

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Currently I only have a Chemex since I’ve only just started to get into the hobby and have been using it daily as well. It makes a super clean and crisp batch completely different from the french press I have.
I’ve been getting some Indian and Ethiopian beans and they have been great. Tomorrow morning actually I’m going to be picking up some Tanzanian to try out from my local roaster. I’m pretty excited to see how different they are.

@Nebulant is there anything special that you need to do for the Japanese style iced? It sounds interesting.

@cijanzen I’ve been thinking about getting a V60 but I also feel like I should get an espresso maker so I can have a sort of trio to dabble with.

I use 1.5 oz of coffee, 12 oz of ice, and 12 oz of hot water. You do your pour over straight onto the ice. You may need to play with grind size or ratio of coffee to water to get it right for your prefrences. But you get a pretty decent cup of iced coffee that is much faster than cold brew.

I am a little odd, I like iced coffee much more than hot, for work I like to make big batches of cold brew concentrate with a Filtron system so I don’t have to take the time in the morning to brew.

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Oh that sounds really good.
So just to make sure that I have the idea correct:
Ice in carafe, boil your water, brew and then just pour it out once you’re done brewing?
That sounds really good actually. I think I’m going to try that out in the morning before work.

I like iced coffee quite a bit as well actually. Being in Texas makes it kind of hard to drink coffee hot all of the time.
I mean we always put ice in our tea.

I haven’t gotten into espresso thank god. That would just be too expensive for me! I agree that I like the Chemex over French press though.

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I saw this espresso maker that’s all analog.
You have to heat up the reservoir and fill it to a line then put the little pick together and stuff. Once all the setup is done you have to manually crank the pressure up so you can force the water through the puck for your espresso.
It looks really cool and it seems to be relatively affordable.

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