Greentech Black switches

Hey guys, just posting some feedback on Greentech Black switches I bought a while back from Novel Keys. I hadn’t seen them mentioned that often so I was curious to see how they stacked up to some of the other linear switches I’m currently using like retooled blacks, Gateron blacks/yellows and inks.

My initial thoughts are they’re a damn good value for the money. Exceptionally smooth, decent weighting and interesting sound profile. The only fault I can find is the springs are a little on the thin/cheap side but with a touch of lube they’re fine.

Has anyone else has given them a try? I’m interested in your thoughts. Also has anyone tried a spring swap? If so, which springs? I think a slightly lighter spring would put them right in my sweet spot for linears.

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Yep, I agree that they are a very good switch for the money. I also agree that a slightly lighter spring would improve the switch. I think it’s close to a Cherry black spring weight, but the curve is different somehow.

For a while I had these in my duck viper. They’re pretty good for the price. With a quick spring swap and consistent lube, these will really shine.

I haven’t done a spring swap on mine yet, but I might try some extra sprit springs I have lying around :thinking: