Greetings from sunny Norfolk!

Hi everyone,

I’m a newcomer to the world of mechanical keyboards. I have a Model M that I found in a charity shop a few years ago, but since I’ve found I need to keep my wrists straight when typing, I’ve been using (cheap rubber dome) keyboards with an ergo curve for some years. I’ve just bought an X-Bows Nature which I’m still getting used to.

I’m starting to realise just how deep a rabbithole this is - I can see myself modding the X-Bows, and eventually no doubt building something of my own!



If you’re looking for other great ergonomic options, I’d also suggest looking into Kinesis Advantage. Although pricey, I think they can be really comfortable and good for your wrists when typing. Most people I know who use them got them used on ebay for a pretty respectable price relative to retail.

I’m a fan of the Alice layout as well for ergonomics, although depending on how your wrists need to be adjusted, it could work really well or poorly for your posture.

Alternatively, there are some great community choices for split boards that people here know way more than I, so I’m just going to wait and hope one of them chimes in with the dozen or so options for split ergo boards in the community.

Thanks for the pointers!
The process of getting used to the X-Bows has given me a clearer idea of my what I’d want in my “holy grail” keyboard - the biggest papercuts for me have been the ANSI rather than ISO enter, the lack of a backslash key near left shift, and the lack of home/end keys.

I like the idea of a tenting split board - it’s just a question of finding one that ticks all my other boxes. (Or failing that, building one.)

Welcome! Which Norfolk are we talking about?

The bumpy bit on the right hand side of England - so on reflection, not all that sunny!