Grovemade Giveaway

Two things I really like have intersected today. Wow! I’ve been a fan of grovemade’s brand and desk products for a long time. And now they’re doing a giveaway with Keycult. Very cool move on their part. First time I’ve seen them venture into keyboards like this. Worth checking out.


i’m definitely a sucker for wood accents, loving the style of this board with the included wristrest.
do they specify the build of the keyboard tough? i can’t seem o find out what switches it uses and stuff like that.


Custom Manufactured by Keycult in Raleigh, NC
No. 2/65 Mechanical Keyboard
Switches: Creams by NovelKeys
Keycaps: GMK White on Black by Drop
Brass switch plate
Black Custom Cables from Zap Cables
Weight: 5.7lbs

It’s towards the bottom-middle of the page.


Thanks @graefeln I missed that too.

If I read that bottom section right, it looks like they’re going to stream the prize keyboard as a build on TaehaTypes.