Hako Switches: Input Club vs NovelKeys store

So I’ve been wanting to try out some Hako switches for a while, but I’ve been holding off for the retooled version of the box switch so that I don’t ruin my expensive sets. I’ve been checking the Input Club’s own Kono store periodically to see if the retooled versions have come in stock but even until today their store page for the Hako switches has the note about their switches causing stretching.

However, to my surprise when browsing the NovelKeys shop just now I noticed they had Hako switches in stock with no warning about these being box switches suffering from the stretching issue. Further, I looked on NovelKeys FAQ page and it explicitly says “all (including Hakos, Hako Royals, etc) BOX switches are retooled.”

Has anyone else purchased the retooled Hako switches from NovelKeys? Can you confirm they don’t have the box switch stretching issue? Further, why would Input Club’s own store not be selling the updated switch but a separate store have the updated stock? I’m just really hesitant to purchase them if they could ruin my keycaps.

They’re retooled. All the BOX switches from Novelkeys are now retooled. The only exception is all of the original, big stem, old stock switches are sold at a discount here. https://novelkeys.xyz/collections/switches/products/old-stock-box-switches

KBDfans also has many retooled BOX. Idk why input club doesn’t

Would love to try some violets but, feel like no matter where you pick them up, they are not the retooled versions which scare me a bit

As far as I’ve seen just about all places that sell BOX switches are making the distinction between new re-tooled & old stem crusher stock. I would just email the seller to double check before ordering if you are really worried about it.

I bought retooled Hako Trues and Clears from KbdFans before putting ABS caps on them, no issues thus far, non stop use at work and home.

The switches on my site have updated stems that measure 1.3mm ±.02mm. The old stock were 1.32mm ±.02mm.


Beautiful. Thanks so much, I’m glad to know this!